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If the future you might go bigger in the torso and arms...shoulders and length look good though.
Every time I hear what people spend on leather jackets elsewhere, it encourages me to buy more TOJ
I'd go for a moto-style jacket. Collared Moto or the Moto 2011.
I don't think I will ever understand why people obsess over the varsity and TOJ1. The full leathers are so much better in pretty much every way and you can get them for less than a TOJ1 style jacket from another maker.
This makes no sense. MTM accommodates different builds by definition. It is in fact, the purpose of MTM. If you don't like the styling, that is one thing, but with a little thought, you can tune the fit however you like.
I don't know how you're arriving at this conclusion, as my post does not really have anything that indicates the possession or lack of confidence. These are simply observations of social dynamics in the aforementioned circumstances (admittedly anecdotal), in efforts to encourage guys to try out jacket styles they like but are initially uncomfortable with. If I did so poorly, my bad.This was the intention.
The pictures are too small to really tell anything, but for $35...if it fits you, why not give it a shot?
Here is the thing about the DR, but really this applies to any piece of, what I will call, "more eccentric" article of clothing. Some people are just born with the look, personality, or swagger to more easily pull off anything they put on, initially anyhow. That said, when someone gets a new, notable item of clothing or tries out a new look, it is unusual, because it is new. It is not something your friends, coworkers, or family currently see as "you". Hence, you get...
When I clicked on this, I 100% expected to tell you to get something else. After looking at the specs though, it actually isn't a bad choice. The dial is relatively clean and simple, very versatile in fact. The glass is sapphire and the watch is 100 M water resistant, two things I always look for in any sort of daily watch. You also know the movement is made by Seiko, which means you will know who can service it. The only thing I hesitate about is that while Seiko is...
New Posts  All Forums: