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I keep telling you guys...moleskin top coat. Wind-proof, old school british style, durable fabric, ease of cotton, what's not to like?
Question on shoulders: I have a CWU-45 with 19" shoulders and I feel like it's a bit restrictive and I have to put both my arms up in the air to actually get it on. Once it's on it isn't that bad, but I would certainly like bigger shoulders on my next jacket. I don't have any great jackets other than my TOJ to compare. Have any of you had luck going off of perhaps a dress/OCBD shirt? In that case, I would be closer to 19.75-20".
I'm trying to think up something to order. Too bad they don't have extra long ties.
Does anyone else like the idea of a moleskin chesterfield?
I've never heard it put this way before and I kind of like it.
I'm a big fan of the 40mm point. It depends on your wrist size. People will smaller wrists looks best (in my opinion) wearing smaller watches and people with larger wrists, larger watches.
I think IWC makes excellent pieces, but may be getting a bit caught up in the supersize trend, as you state.
It's hard to tell from forum text, but if I was offensive in any way I apologize. I was in a meeting and somewhat read over your post and missed some details.You are very likely correct on all points. I only asked because I was looking for some quality lambskin to line an overcoat collar with and really liked the TOJ/Geller lambskin and was trying to find some thick stuff that would be similar. As it turns out, finding lambskin over 1mm is not easy (for me at least).
TOJ is Korean made and they use New Zealand Lambskin, so maybe not? I actually looked around online and could not find their source. They could source their calfskin differently though (and probably do).
They are made in Korea like TOJ, but where do they get the leather from? Like what tannery?
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