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I'd guess 17". You can always exchange for another size if you feel the fit is incorrect.
I have experience with 5 TOJ leathers: navy, brown, and black lambskin and brown and olive calf. All TOJ leather are nice, but some are nicer than others. For example, I feel the black and navy lambskin are a cut above the brown lamb. As for calf, the olive calf is nicer than the brown calf (IMO). I think if you do not have one, there is something to be said for having at least one jacket in the black lamb, as it really is something special. I have no personal...
http://www.theshoemart.com/wolverine-mens_1000_mile_brown/pv-wol-w05301_wol_m_1000_mile.html https://www.rancourtandcompany.com/clymer-boot.html Oak Street Bootmakers, Red wing, Chippewa. They are so many. Anything make by White's Boots.
That looks reasonable, for reference, I am 6' 4" and here are my moto measurements:Shoulders 19.5"Chest (pit-to-pit) 24.5"midsection 20.5"waist 21"body length, front 25.2"body length, back 27.5"sleeve length, from shoulder 27.5"sleeve width @ pit ...
You could get a leather MA-1
I think the P2 has a relatively low instep.
Brooks brothers shoes use the poron insole, which makes them fit somewhat tighter. For some people, it isn' a big deal, but for others (myself included) the size is different. I actually just returned my brooks brothers ones and order the same shoe from AE.
I did notice this, so I bought my brown strands from Sherman Bros. $345 + 15% discount
I recently picked up a shell cordovan wallet. I had my doubts initially, but I would say now that wallets might be one of the best uses for shell cordovan. Color #8 or Ruby cordovan might fit the bill for you. They are not cheap however.
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