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I think the P2 has a relatively low instep.
Brooks brothers shoes use the poron insole, which makes them fit somewhat tighter. For some people, it isn' a big deal, but for others (myself included) the size is different. I actually just returned my brooks brothers ones and order the same shoe from AE.
I did notice this, so I bought my brown strands from Sherman Bros. $345 + 15% discount
I recently picked up a shell cordovan wallet. I had my doubts initially, but I would say now that wallets might be one of the best uses for shell cordovan. Color #8 or Ruby cordovan might fit the bill for you. They are not cheap however.
Garbage. We have english labs and they work very well.
I just got one and it might even be my new favorite.
If I was going to get a black MDR, I would go for black goat without question.
Kent Wang Sam Hober Vanda
http://www.ashlandleather.com/johnny-the-fox-horween-shell-cordovan-wallet-p/jtfshell.htm Color #8
New Posts  All Forums: