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In of itself, this is not an issue and may even be preferable to conventional methods. It's consistency is likely far superior. The concern (and this may be what you were getting at) is the slippery slope of cutting costs resulting in a potentially inferior item.
FWIW, I find the way Oxxford attaches their armholes to be unparalleled for enhanced movement.
Depends on how I feel about the brand
It might be nice if you did, even of just the jacket. I try and post pics only of combinations I haven't seen in the gallery or of ones that are less common so people can see what it looks like. I.e. Olive Calf CM.
Yes, I have made this exact post once before.However, I actually don't think there have been a great deal of posts of goat on Moto styles, but I know they exist. I know theres a dark brown goat moto running around.Oh there it is: http://www.styleforum.net/t/217855/the-new-official-toj-thread-2011/22635
Oh by all means, if you like the Meermin better go for it. I was more just suggesting the strand as a style, not necessarily that exact shoe.
You might try something in a light brown or walnut color, a la the AE strand.
I have to disagree with these two, but then again, perhaps I am more pedestrian because I simply don't wear suits that often. I think bluchers can look good with suits, especially on people with larger frames. As much as SF hearts the chiseled, sleek lasts, I find them somewhat out of proportion (I might want a better word here) on bigger people, at least on myself. If you are on the leaner or smaller side, they look a lot better. A great deal of the Alden x Leather...
To those of you who have ordered a stock style, how long did it take for Vass to get them to you?
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