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I'm not convinced your average person will notice or care.
Nobody makes a good 100% cotton henley in tall sizes
Most of my ties are 6-fold Hober ties, so ~$130 for long lengths.
I like boots with really any leather jacket.
I admit this wasn't my favorite either, but for the most part, I feel like she does a good job.
Brown nearly always looks good with jeans, but there is not reason you can't extend this to navy chinos for either shoe, whether they be moleskin or "standard" cotton (moleskin is just a heavier cotton fabric).
This new goat you speak of, is there a dark (or darkish) brown? If so, would you recommend it over the "old" goat, for say, a 4-zip MDR?
To credit the TOJ guys, when I measure it, it is awful close to 5.9". What I cannot figure out is why it is so different than the J. Crew jacket (5.8" cuff). They look the same to my eye, but fit very differently. Either I am just a retard (likely) or I am missing something.
Haha, I knew this would pop up. It's not truly a 54, but it would be the closest stock size and the cuffs are the same. I intended to order the jacket a bit large as I am still gaining my weight back, but to answer your question, it is around 42-43" at the moment. The way I figured, it was better to order too big than too small.
Olive Calfskin Collared Moto From the above picture, I think it looks fine, but I must admit the sleeve opening (at cuff) seems a bit large (if anyone cares it was set at 5.9" or standard for size 54). Here is my best afixedpoint impression:
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