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Go with 52
Burgundy for sure.
It may be authentic, but regardless, it is not what you want. You want the 100% gabardine cotton that Burberry is famous for. This is a blend, which is typically found in their inferior coats.
Order here: http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/
This is a safe place, here it is funny to be "dressed by teh interwebs" and there are no rules. Just do not venture over to WAYWRN, it is a dark place. There they will rail you for the blasphemy of such things.
I don't think there was ever a rule prohibiting this to begin with.
I just found this thread. It amuses me greatly. There is a lot of absurd shit I can't defend, but I think I few people get some unnecessarily harsh ridicule (Welcome to Styleforum).After reading this thread, my advice to you fearful style bloggers:1. Type less shitOr put more elegantly:2. Do not take pictures like this or really do anything that this guy does:
If the future you might go bigger in the torso and arms...shoulders and length look good though.
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