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I am not angry or upset. I am simply concerned at the trend that no one seems to be able to ask a question without five people jumping on them. I can understand the annoyance with questions being repeated, but people should be about to ask some questions without fear of being berated. It makes the environment more welcoming and makes people more confident in ordering a jacket. To those of us who have a TOJ or three, we know the drill, but for new people, that first...
"we switched to something nicer and will probably put it in everything eventually"When you say something like that, its hard for the customer not to think: "Oh, well if that's soon and the lining is basically better in every way, I might as well just wait a little longer."This is just dumb. It doesn't even address the actual question.
I feel like if your dress shoes are so uncomfortable that you need to wear trainers on the way to work, then you need to re-think your dress shoes.
I can understand the thought process, but why not also post in the actual viberg boots thread as well?http://www.styleforum.net/t/224463/viberg-boots
The set you posted comes with a matching tie clip?
Does the leather MA-1 have bemberg or sateen?
Aw, there's no dark brown unglazed goat
I partially agree. Most of the time, no one will really notice. For a counterexample however, a friend of mine works at Nationwide Insurance and he really thinks brown has no place in a business environment. He thinks shoes should always be black. Also, please do not take this out of context, whether or not I agree with him or whether or not he has good taste is debatable. I am simply providing an example of an average guy who would disagree, and hence he cannot be...
Cufflinks are a good area to add quirkiness to your ensemble. I say go for it.
It's basically a Moto or cafe racer style jacket. There are a bazillion different permutations of it.
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