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TOJ is Korean made and they use New Zealand Lambskin, so maybe not? I actually looked around online and could not find their source. They could source their calfskin differently though (and probably do).
They are made in Korea like TOJ, but where do they get the leather from? Like what tannery?
Does anyone know where Robert Geller sources their leather from?
Aesthetically, it looks completely fine to me. The question is, does it feel tight to you? If so, what area feels tight? Wear it awhile and really decide. It may stretch a bit and everything will be fine. I find that if something really does not fit me the way I want, be it shoes or clothing, I have to wear it/them for a significant period of time to really make a decision.
Does anywhere stock the Alden 990 in Commando sole?
Sherman Brothers in PA is having a trunk show for Alden. 15% off, but you can only get it in store.
I buy on the larger side. It is a jacket, not a dress shirt. If it is snug, you also can't layer under it well, if at all. That said, don't buy something huge on you. If you can find something with a tailored or tapered fit, you will be fine.
Nearly every denim manufacturer makes a pair of dark denim. Just looks for a straight leg cut. Some choices are: Naked and Famous, AG Jeans, Nudie, Levis, Diesel, APC, Nudie, Epaulet, Ralph Ralph Lauren....I could go on. Try em' on and pick whichever you like best. The shoes you mention would be fine.
The arms looks fine. It is a jacket, not a dress shirt. I would leave them.
I would not go bow tie, I would wear a black long tie.
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