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Depending on how you measure, I could see this (larger than 3.5 difference) as very plausible among lifters. It is relatively easy to up your chest measurement, but difficult to increase shoulders, if at all.I have a lifter friend who has a 46" chest, but his shoulder measure is narrower than mine at ~19.5". I will say they are certainly thicker though.I would be willing to bet Charly, for example, has a larger gap between shoulder and chest measure.
have waist taken in = problem solved.
If your measurements are truly accurate, it is more likely snug in the body/chest, than the shoulders. You would have .6" extra in shoulders and 2.8" extra in body (approximately).Then again, I might be just wrong, because the TOJ1's appear to fit smaller than the full leathers (which is the only thing I have experience with)
I have to agree with this, but hey, to each his own. That's why options exist right?
I prefer no cuff with a half break, but I think this is really personal taste.
My vote would be for this.
I keep telling you guys...moleskin top coat. Wind-proof, old school british style, durable fabric, ease of cotton, what's not to like?
Question on shoulders: I have a CWU-45 with 19" shoulders and I feel like it's a bit restrictive and I have to put both my arms up in the air to actually get it on. Once it's on it isn't that bad, but I would certainly like bigger shoulders on my next jacket. I don't have any great jackets other than my TOJ to compare. Have any of you had luck going off of perhaps a dress/OCBD shirt? In that case, I would be closer to 19.75-20".
I'm trying to think up something to order. Too bad they don't have extra long ties.
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