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Ah, perhaps I am wrong. Just looks that way from pictures.Assuming you got the new burgundy/oxblood calf, please post pics when you get it. I am heavily considering one, perhaps an oxblood BCDR. What model did you order?
It depends on the lighting, I would call it a dark to medium blue. The calf is darker, but the lambskin isn't "light" in my opinion.
I've done this, although not with Sperry's specifically. The shoes were suede and were fine.
If you are referring to the blue lamb, it will look something like this (minus the collar):
Hamilton makes a quintessential one, but you would have to buy a strap separate (or they may even throw one in free if you buy from an AD). Hamilton H32665131 http://www.amazon.com/Hamilton-H32665131-Jazzmaster-Black-Watch/dp/B005GXPMP4 or http://www.luxuryofwatches.com/hamilton-classic-jazzmaster-day-date-40mm-mens-h32505731/?gclid=CNKf48ixirYCFShgMgodZCoATA Comes on strap, but added day date. I purchased the former for a friend with matching strap, looks so good.
Olive Lambskin looks like dishttp://toj-gallery.com/main.php?g2_itemId=11493more shots:
I'm not even a big fan of suede, but those are pretty damn sick.
Looks like a small filson http://www.filson.com/products/duffle-bag-small.70220.html They come in small, medium, and large sizes.
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