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I can also vouch my cashmere blend sweaters have not suffered the same moth damage as my merino wool. The most effective moth treatment I have found is not to cram it away in a dark closet, hang it on your closet door or somewhere in the light. Moths do not like this. Also, shake it out when you are done wearing it. A breathable suit/garment bag is also effective, The Hanger Project sells great...
Step 1: Buy MTM TOJ Leather Jacket Step 2: ????? Step 3: Profit http://johncoppidge.tumblr.com/availableproducts
Idk about Hathorne, but I did this for my semi-dress.
I haven't had any issues with backpack straps, although I could see it wearing on the leather if done continuously. I admit I have started to avoid wearing my jacket with my backpack.
Pretty sure it is, but based on:It is not recommended.
You can get a C width heel and a D width upper/ball area. White's will do this if you ask, they are two separate pieces.
I did this. It has worked out well so far. At some point, I'll post before and after pictures to show that, even if you buy the jacket big, it still looks completely fine.10 lbs gained since jacket order, 20 to go.
I am inclined to tell you to get the 3227-01, because it seems like you really like it best, but are concerned what others think.That said, if you really do like the RO, I can actually think of no better time to get it than as your first "real" watch. Your first real watch will always be special and the one you are most likely to keep indefinitely. If you have to, wait awhile until you can justify it. It helps you in several ways:1. The RO is an excellent piece from...
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