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Yes, but there is nothing wrong with the racer. I just personally don't dig the two chest pockets. It's all personal preference though. Doesn't look like a women's coat, but I might argue that most leather jackets styles are unisex.
I like the Evolver better personally. Whenever somebody says something is "out", it reminds me of the time a Nordstrom employee told me burgundy shoes were "out" and that is why they did not carry them.
Most people wear the same size in both, but I would argue the 1K boots run a bit smaller.
Between the 3, I would have to say that Flatiron in Walnut calf. Walnut wears well with jeans and a grey suit (in my opinion). However, were I to buy only one pair of AE shoes, it would without question be a strand in walnut calf.
Honestly dude, I think you should go for neither. Kent Wang will make you a MTM Tuxedo with all the trimmings (pick-stitching, full canvass, etc.) in Zegna caliber fabrics for around $900 USD. You can pick your fabric and have every detail you might want made to your measurements. He also sells a matching bow tie and cummerbund should you wish it.
According to AAAC: http://www.resole.com/Clarks-Shoe-Repair.aspx
I think I just like the idea behind it, seems less wasteful.Did you have this done at the "official" place or at a local cobbler?
Huh, I didn't know you could resole DBs
When everyone was going on and on about the MA-1's in this thread, I could never figure out what the big deal was. They weren't that awesome....now I am about to order one in black lamb....am I a sellout?
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