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I like the Moto in the 2-zip configuration with silver hardware.
As a general rule, I agree. However, when the information probably useful to the public, not business sensitive, and probably been repeated many times to a customer base, I don't see an issue. Lots of people on SF do this. For example, someone wants to know if a sport coat is fully canvassed, and someone reports, associate from Brooks Brothers (we will call him Steve) says that yes, it is, it is helpful information and may boost business.If it were say, where they...
If you don't might polyester, American Apparel tri-blend shirts hug the body very well. They are probably my best fitting shirts. Their normal cotton ones aren't bad either. Polos shirts: Polo Ralph Lauren custom fit, or Kent Wang. Dress shirts, you will probably have to buy something slim fit and them have them taken in or have darts added (as above).
I see no reason that the way a last fits cannot be discussed on the forums. If Paul Grangaard said the AE 5 last fits narrow, do you think it would be strange to repeat that information?
I mean the last, and based on Mr. Kuti's reply. He fully understood me. Sending measurements (as per my understanding) helps them pick the best size for you in a given last. For custom fit or "semi-bespoke" I believe you need to visit the store. I personally told them which lasts I liked, and then asked which ones would fit best. I have a wider foot, so I asked only about the P2, 3636, and budapest.
I am currently in contact with vass working out my sizing and appropriate last, but something surprised me. I was told that the 3636 last was wide (not surprising), but also that the budapest last was "narrower than the others" (surprised). I was under the impression that this was Vass's widest last?
This. It will look almost exactly like this. (Blue/Navy Lambskin)
Just ordered some pocket squares from them, they really have some unique designs.
In my opinion, do not go down from 7.3".
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