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Does the leather MA-1 have bemberg or sateen?
Aw, there's no dark brown unglazed goat
I partially agree. Most of the time, no one will really notice. For a counterexample however, a friend of mine works at Nationwide Insurance and he really thinks brown has no place in a business environment. He thinks shoes should always be black. Also, please do not take this out of context, whether or not I agree with him or whether or not he has good taste is debatable. I am simply providing an example of an average guy who would disagree, and hence he cannot be...
Cufflinks are a good area to add quirkiness to your ensemble. I say go for it.
It's basically a Moto or cafe racer style jacket. There are a bazillion different permutations of it.
In of itself, this is not an issue and may even be preferable to conventional methods. It's consistency is likely far superior. The concern (and this may be what you were getting at) is the slippery slope of cutting costs resulting in a potentially inferior item.
FWIW, I find the way Oxxford attaches their armholes to be unparalleled for enhanced movement.
Depends on how I feel about the brand
It might be nice if you did, even of just the jacket. I try and post pics only of combinations I haven't seen in the gallery or of ones that are less common so people can see what it looks like. I.e. Olive Calf CM.
Yes, I have made this exact post once before.However, I actually don't think there have been a great deal of posts of goat on Moto styles, but I know they exist. I know theres a dark brown goat moto running around.Oh there it is: http://www.styleforum.net/t/217855/the-new-official-toj-thread-2011/22635
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