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Since you have no other color other than charcoal to start with, you can pretty much pick any color shirt you want and then choose the tie accordingly. My personal choice would be a lavender or purple striped shirt, with or without a tie. Also, checks can go with a suit.
You have a million questions here. I am personally not a huge fan of loafers, but I see no reason they couldn't be paired with a "colorful" ensemble. You might have better luck posting pictures of what you had in mind, it will make it easier to visualize and you'll likely get more responses. You also might have more luck in the "Men's Clothing" section.
Ze buttons, they are different.
IWC without question. It looks better and has a far superior movement.
This is perhaps a random question, but how heavy would you describe vass shoes as being? particularly the shell cordovan. For example, my allen edmonds cordovan shoes seem significantly lighter than my aldens. Any comparisons with vass would be appreciated.
^ those pants. They would do fine for you.
Does anyone here have or have experience with, the tremont last vs barrie? I know they are both supposed to run "around" the same size (i.e. 1/2 size) down, but I was curious about the width in the ball of the foot and if the heel on the tremont is any smaller or (in particular) if the heel cup is higher?
I like the J Crew ones. Standard and Jaspe.
I believe the leydon is actually wider than the hampton, based on:
There is a fix. Make the sleeve larger.
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