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Wait, this is a thing?
Gotcha, thanks. As for cordovan colors, I only see these 3:However, I have certainly see a variety of other colors throughout the thread.For example:Is there a complete list somewhere?
Umm, by "be-spoke", does that mean the MTO prices or is that really bespoke? In their catalog, it does suggest they have bespoke...I mean...if that's the case, only 170 euro up charge from RTW to bespoke?
Yes, but there is nothing wrong with the racer. I just personally don't dig the two chest pockets. It's all personal preference though. Doesn't look like a women's coat, but I might argue that most leather jackets styles are unisex.
I like the Evolver better personally. Whenever somebody says something is "out", it reminds me of the time a Nordstrom employee told me burgundy shoes were "out" and that is why they did not carry them.
Most people wear the same size in both, but I would argue the 1K boots run a bit smaller.
Between the 3, I would have to say that Flatiron in Walnut calf. Walnut wears well with jeans and a grey suit (in my opinion). However, were I to buy only one pair of AE shoes, it would without question be a strand in walnut calf.
Honestly dude, I think you should go for neither. Kent Wang will make you a MTM Tuxedo with all the trimmings (pick-stitching, full canvass, etc.) in Zegna caliber fabrics for around $900 USD. You can pick your fabric and have every detail you might want made to your measurements. He also sells a matching bow tie and cummerbund should you wish it.
According to AAAC: http://www.resole.com/Clarks-Shoe-Repair.aspx
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