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Consensus is a bit smaller/narrower than the wingtips. I would go TTS (or .5 above barrie) for the Marlow PTBs.
3-piece shoe tree = better?
I can't even bring myself to throw out the tie boxes. They just look so nice. I feel like there has to be an occasion where I can use them for something...perhaps I too, should work towards a shack or small enclosed structure.
Whiskey and silver zips seriously looks so good.
I started with two...I now have 6 and two pocket squares...
People have posted about their tracking many times, it never seemed to get out of hand.
Let the man be excited, and stop being a douche
I'd probably wear a t-shirt in 65 degree weather.
Think an overcoat would be sufficient?
I like the Moto in the 2-zip configuration with silver hardware.
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