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I am also interested to see what he comes up with as I plan on placing another order in march due to my problem of having only 3 grenadines from Hober ...that said, I am contemplating the Dark Red Fina #2, but it's hard to get an exact feel for the color. The image and the only picture I've seen of it vary somewhat. Well that and I already have a burgundy fina from Hober. The right red tie is a tricky problem to tackle.
Is there an appreciable difference between flannel fabric from Dugdale vs. flannel fabric from JJ Minnis? I am about to order some trousers in a mid/light grey and am wondering if the $100 extra for Minnis is really worth it. Both are 14 oz flannel fabric.
You asked about grossa initially, which is looser than fina. Comparing fina to piccola, I would go by what it says on the website. FWIW, I have both piccola and fina ties from Hober and it is very difficult to tell the difference.
Grossa is a looser weave, fina is a finer weave
If you look at some of their newer offerings, the Carlyle for example, they have some more "aggressive" styled shoes. That said, I disagree. While shoes with such styling look great when posted in pictures or standing on their own, I find they do not look as great when actually worn. The long pointed lasts or long chiseled toes just don't look that great, especially if you are bigger or of muscular build. This is all of course my opinion.
I was just in the store the other week and I have not been impressed with Burberry's quality lately. Admittedly the prorsum line is a significant cut above, but I believe it is overpriced for what it is. You can find equal for better quality at a much lower price elsewhere. The charcoal tuxedo from Mr. Porter is admittedly kind of cool, but not something I would look into as a first or only tuxedo. Go with your gut, go with black and go with shawl lapels. Shawl lapels...
Visual, there is basically no difference. The colors are the same. The only semi-visual difference is it says "Brooks Brothers" on the footbed instead of Allen Edmonds.The shoe itself is the same construction, except that the BB version has the poron heelpad. This makes the shoe fit a bit smaller over the arch and your foot doesn't "sink into" the shoe as well until the pad is worn in. Whether you like this feature or not is personal preference.
Those looks like pretty standard khaki chinos....so yes, I am sure they are.
Anybody given this fabric a shot? I'd be curious to see what they look like made up into pants and how the color looks IRL.
You are correct. My mistake.
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