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Kind of looks like a dark brown herringbone suit, I would start your search there. The herringbone pattern is what causes that "striping" when viewed close or in certainly lighting. Depending on your budget, you could simply have one made. Something like this, but perhaps darker:
Yeah, it is really a nice and unique tie. The colors appear to be a dark navy and powder blue, is that correct or is it skewed on my monitor?
I cannot find this on the Hober website. Is there something I am missing or am I full of fail?
I think that a thicker tie actually looks quite fine with thinner lapels. For example, a 3.25" lapel suit with a 3.5" tie. Since the 3.5" is really at the bottom of the tie and not visible when wearing the suit. The exposed area of the tie is then pretty darn close to the lapel width if that makes sense. Obviously this works best if the tie is only slightly larger than the lapel width.
I'm pretty convinced 3.5" is the way to go, but I do have quite a few 3.75" ties.
If you have an existing pair of pants that fit you perfectly, then this is easy. Go to luxire.com an pick out whatever fabric, style and options you like and then have them replicate the new pants using your existing "perfect pants" as a guide. Voila.
I swear by AG jeans. I've never found a brand I have liked better.
I still feel pretty cool wearing mine
Learn your measurements and hit Ebay. You can get super nice stuff for < $1000.
On #2, never wear sneaker or tennis shoes with a long coat. It just doesn't look right. Stick to nice boots or dress shoes.
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