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Suits are typically sized off chest, so whatever your chest measurement is, that is your size. That said, I find the more important measurement to be shoulders. I would guess, that whatever size you are in a Fitz (in this case 42S), you would fit into a 42S in the other lines or potentially a 40S. Best thing to do is go to a local store and try them on. Waist size is easily altered....also, your "stomach" and waist size should be the same....so I do not know what you...
Hi Sacaroly, I have a Mattabisch kiton shirt, which I purchased in my normal size some time ago. The quality is very good, on par with the best dress shirts I own. The collar is particular is something special, and I have yet to find something quite like it. The downside of the shirt is (as you suspect) that the fit is very slim. Being a skinny/athletic build, normally I would love this, but the shoulders and chest were too small for me to the point that I gave it to...
I am under the impression that there is a fairly significant shell cordovan shortage as of late (particularly from horween). I was curious if anyone had placed a MTO in brown shell cordovan, and if so, what did it cost you to place the order?
I feel like Burgundy and Navy are must haves. I find very few occasions to wear a black tie.
30% off $125+ right now, get tall sizes while you can hahaIt seems several companies are doing this. I used to buy henleys from Eddie Bauer and recently they changed their legend wash to 40% polyester. When I called them to see if they had any of the old styles they said no because they had recently "upgraded" their materials lol.
People like it when they get compliments. It isn't exactly a secret. My AE walnut strands get the most compliments easily.
Depends on the day. From a perspective of contrast, then onyx would be the better choice. Some people like this, but there is nothing "wrong" per se, with white MOP. I mean, no one complains that their buttons don't offer enough contrast. I wear MOP an enjoy them.
Thank you gentlemen. Much appreciated.
Anyone have a suggestion for: A Navy herringbone summer fabric with a blend of either cotton/linen/silk or wool/linen/silk? (and a link to where to purchase) Alternatively, a place to buy an unreconstructed, patch-pocket summer blazer with something akin to the above fabric?
Assuming you are responding to my post: I am merely point out that a classic double-breasted trench coat stands out more than the coat I linked. I think either coat looks out of place with sneakers or flip-flops (I tried a long coat with suede sneakers once, it didn't work).
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