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I will offer this suggestion. It will probably make you stand out from your peers, but not from any normal suit/tie function. If you go tux, that is basically all out. If your school isn't know for it's "dapperness", you might wish to go with the suit. Hence: Charcoal Suit White shirt Black tie (go for grenadine if you can) Black shoes ....... and then find a mint colored flower for your lapel. Extra points if it is a real flower. It is subtle, yet obvious that you...
Was looking for a nice orange pocket square, which lead to the below: I do not think I could have made a better choice, the colors are very rich. Shipping was prompt and communication was excellent.
This. I doubt anyone will notice. If they were exactly the same, someone might, but as is. I do not see an issue.
If you are regularly on style forum and own > $1000 worth of shoes, you have long since left the realm of practicality Assuming you buy the above statement, you are now spending for enjoyment. People spend lavish amounts and amass fortunes they could never hope to spend for enjoyment. Once you enter such a realm, freely spend on anything you deem worth your money.
Those are both fine choices. You might also look at Crockett and Jones. For a touch more (~$60-80 including shipping and shoe trees), you could even get Vass.
Why is it so much heavier than the wolverine 1k mile then?
What causes the boot toe to curl up so much? I find it hard to believe the 461 really has that kind of a curve to it, is it some combination of how the steel shank is used in conjunction with the last?
This one, it is your best college choice. Durable yet still looks pretty sharp for a boot.
My guess would be that the 9.5E is wider than the 10D. When I compared an 11.5D macneil to an 11E, the 11E was a bit wider.
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