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Pretty positive P2 is wider.
http://www.kentwang.com/polos Best polos you will find anywhere.
I like the darker color, but its personal preference really.
I was about to say 22" looks a bit short and was thinking close to the above.
Not nearly as good as silver imo
Yeah, but I have a few TOJ leathers now, so I have a pretty good idea of things at this point. If you are concerned about your order fitting, my standard advice is to trust Charly and don't tell him you want it real tight (if you are familiar with the "ratios", go with 1.1). If you are on the edge between two things, go larger. TOJ house cuts are slim as is. You may wish to take what I say with a grain of salt though, I am not as big a stickler for fit as some of the...
Blue/Navy Lambskin Collared Moto. The lamb on this thing is wicked soft, probably the softest leather I have ever felt.
FWIW, James Dean had a widow's peak
Some people naturally have a widow's peak. It does not necessarily mean your hair is receding
I am not angry or upset. I am simply concerned at the trend that no one seems to be able to ask a question without five people jumping on them. I can understand the annoyance with questions being repeated, but people should be about to ask some questions without fear of being berated. It makes the environment more welcoming and makes people more confident in ordering a jacket. To those of us who have a TOJ or three, we know the drill, but for new people, that first...
New Posts  All Forums: