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This is a safe place, here it is funny to be "dressed by teh interwebs" and there are no rules. Just do not venture over to WAYWRN, it is a dark place. There they will rail you for the blasphemy of such things.
I don't think there was ever a rule prohibiting this to begin with.
I just found this thread. It amuses me greatly. There is a lot of absurd shit I can't defend, but I think I few people get some unnecessarily harsh ridicule (Welcome to Styleforum).After reading this thread, my advice to you fearful style bloggers:1. Type less shitOr put more elegantly:2. Do not take pictures like this or really do anything that this guy does:
If the future you might go bigger in the torso and arms...shoulders and length look good though.
Every time I hear what people spend on leather jackets elsewhere, it encourages me to buy more TOJ
I'd go for a moto-style jacket. Collared Moto or the Moto 2011.
I don't think I will ever understand why people obsess over the varsity and TOJ1. The full leathers are so much better in pretty much every way and you can get them for less than a TOJ1 style jacket from another maker.
This makes no sense. MTM accommodates different builds by definition. It is in fact, the purpose of MTM. If you don't like the styling, that is one thing, but with a little thought, you can tune the fit however you like.
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