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Really anything with a design on the toe (i.e. captoes and wingtips) will "control" the rippling on shell. I actually haven't tried a straight toecap (i.e. no brogueing), but I would imagine it would be better than say, a plain toe.
If it makes you feel better, I have a moto and a collared moto, one in lamb and one in calf
What is the benefit of the new calf vs the old calf? Is it higher quality or just more/unique color options?
You can have full confidence in Allen Edmonds. If their shoes fit me better, I would own more of them. Some of the alden calfskin models run $300-$450ish. Carmina, a litte over $400. Alfred Sargent, Kent Wang, and Andrew Lock all fall in your price range.
I have this as a pocket square. It's awesome.
The lambskin is really something special. Very soft and luxe. However, I have to admit that out of 3 TOJ's, the olive calf is still my favorite.
Wear boots.
Great Shine on those.
The first purchase is a bit awkward because you are dropping a lot of money on something you can't see in person based on the opinions of a forum. You wait, and you wait some more. After awhile, your leather comes....then all of a sudden you have 3-4 of em.Basically I wanted a high quality leather with longer lengths. TOJ fit the bill.Sizing: Charly knows what he is doing, he won't size you for something that won't fit. However, I will suggest you go for the "looser...
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