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Brown lambskin CWU-45 made by TOJ. Jacket is in good shape with a little wear. Measurements are custom, but similar to a size 52/54. It is a "minimalist" approach for a cleaner look, no chest patch or arm pocket. It is a bit too small for me or I would keep it. Photos on request. For reference, person in picture is ~6" 1" with a ~40" chest.
I recently purchased these Alden wingtips and sadly, they do not fit me very well, as much as I would like them to. They are a special makeup from Alden of Carmel (AF80), made on the barrie last (equivalent to 11E or similar to 11.5D). Color #8 shell cordovan with the commando leather sole, not available from your normal retailer. Some light creasing on the vamp (see photos) and the sole virtually unworn, probably equivalent to a shoe that was tried on in store, but...
Pretty sure that is a DR with gunmetal hardware.
It might be easier to just call them.
Order both and send back the one you don't want?
I like and wear AG jeans, although I admit I wish they were a touch bigger in the thigh area. The one thing I did notice is that comparing the protege fit (straight, 98% cotton/2% elastane or w/e) to the hero (relaxed fit, 100% cotton) was that the protege actually seemed to fit better to due to the stretch, even though the hero cut was technically bigger.
I apologize if this is somewhere in the thread, but after looking back several pages, I could not find a clear answer. 1. There appears to have been an e-mail from the AE CEO (Paul) waiving the MTO fee? Is this correct? If so, it is exclusively for shell or any shoe? 2. I keep seeing "an additional 20% off" thing. Is this an unspoken sale? Exclusive to amazon? or a discount you can get in store? I saw that someone at the jeffersonville outlet received a 20%...
Really anything with a design on the toe (i.e. captoes and wingtips) will "control" the rippling on shell. I actually haven't tried a straight toecap (i.e. no brogueing), but I would imagine it would be better than say, a plain toe.
If it makes you feel better, I have a moto and a collared moto, one in lamb and one in calf
What is the benefit of the new calf vs the old calf? Is it higher quality or just more/unique color options?
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