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As long as the belt is brown, you are fine. Although, beige might be pushing it, for me at least, but then again, I have not seen the belt. Some like to be very "matchy matchy" others dislike it, personal preference. As for pants, any shade of grey or navy would look fine with those shoes.
I am pretty sure I remember a dude having good luck with this. He used it in conjunction with some shoe polish to get a big scuff out of a jacket.Consensus is then: Lexol for lambskin, Obenaufs for calf? and what for goat?
It is probably more important what you wear with the jacket than the leather itself. I.e. a t-shirt vs a thermal.
If you are, what I will call "consistent", you should be OK. As ghdvfddzgzdzg describes, the DR looks good with more rugged shoes and the bomber is more versatile. I think the reason it looks particularly good on Willy is that he also has an OCBD shirt on, giving it a hair more formality, hence the "dressier" shoes. Desert boots would be another shoe choice that would probably work well.
I guess I will say this. There is nothing wrong with wearing a hat as you describe. However, I have never seen a single person wearing a baseball hat in any manner that I thought looked great or would not have looked better without said hat.
Both are popular styles.
TOJ is your best bet in terms of fit. They do MTM for around $800. However, you would have to distress the jacket yourself. The only thing I can think of is J. Crew makes a distressed moto-style jacket you may like, it is darker though. http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/outerwear/leather/PRDOVR~17353/17353.jsp It claims it is black, but it looks more like a distressed dark brown to me. I had it at one point, but sent it back because I like TOJ better. Here is...
Could you be a little more specific? By light hair do you mean blond? Also, what style of jacket did you have in mind and what type of leather?
"For lambskin garments, Obenauf's suggests using its Leather Oil ($11.95), which repels water, resists cracking and scuffing, and treats and preserves leather so it may breath and not dry-rot." Has anyone ever tried this?
Probably doesn't fit
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