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Those are some loud ass shoes. My best guess would be as above, chinos and an OCBD. I don't think they would look that good with jeans though, for the same reason I don't much care for navy sneakers.
Yeah, that's true. I guess most of my PS's are a uniform pattern.
I've noticed I can cheat by not folding the PS exactly in half to get a bit of extra length.Your main colors seem to be blues and pinks, I like the idea of something in yellow.
This cappuccino shell, is it only available in MTO?
I am certain a well done navy blazer look would be fine in this case.
You would probably be fine with either a light or dark suit. It is summer and at 6pm, it will still easily be light out for another 2-3 hours. However, the reception will probably go into the night, so it is hard to fault a dark suit selection either. If you don't know what to wear, stick with classic. White shirt, solid tie, and appropriate shoes. Ex. Navy suit, white shirt, burgundy tie, white pocket square, burgundy shoes Ex. Tan suit, light blue shirt (gingham if...
A leather jacket
1. That dress is not at all gold. It is black with a nude top layer under black lace.2. Go black bow tie, black cummerbund/vest (or since it is HS, you can skip this all together), and white pocket square.Your date's dress is virtually colorless.Something like this, but with white PS:
Depends on the person. Some people's change, others do not. My dad is 65, and his shoe size hasnt t changed since 18.
I can vouch that it will hold up to all these things.
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