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I have been very happy with these two:White:http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_calliope_b_00045_00501_fine_twill_whiteLight Blue:http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_tenerife_07841_0a187As a disclaimer, I tend to like slightly heavier and less wrinkle-prone fabrics. Not a big fan of broadcloth.
^Pretty much that
$100 is a pretty limiting price range, but assuming you are young ( < 25), converse will probably suit you jut fine. I personally prefer something a bit warmer in the winter.
What is your budget range? Those shoes look comfortable, but they will not win you any style points, no matter what you pair them with. If you are wearing a peacoat, I am going to assume it is reasonably cold outside and I would go with a plain toe dark brown boot. Pretty much any shoe beyond sneakers or boat shoes looks foolish with shorts.
If it were me, I would go with a leather shoe rather than a sneaker, but there's nothing wrong with a black converse. Brown goes well with charcoal, just make sure it's a dark brown.
Ebay. It is the best place to hunt for suits (in my opinion). Buy something quality off Ebay at a deep discount then take it to your tailor. As long as you know your measurements and get the shoulders/chest right, the tailor can usually fix everything else.
Can you comment on sizing differences between the marlow and the Peal and Co? It seems like the Marlow is wider, but I would be curious by how much. Also, you note the heel in the marlow is longer, but can you tell me/us which you feel is "snugger" and gives you a more solid heel lock?
The Grande Reverso 976 is 29.9 mm wide, but if you do not like the Reverso, I would take the Patek over a Cartier. While Cartier has made some strides in the horological world, they are more a jewelry house than a watch manufacturer.
I'd take a look at a JLC Reverso in gold if I were you
The fabric is designed to be worn in "poor" conditions, such as rain or snow. I own two LP storm system pieces and I can say that they are indeed for cooler temperatures (but then again, if it's not cold, why are you wearing a wool coat?). I have one coat in a thicker wool and one in a "sport/ligher" wool (Zerander or something like that). I do not find the extra membrane to add a great amount of warmth, it seems more dependent one the wool/outer fabric itself.
New Posts  All Forums: