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I have been very happy with these two:White: Blue: a disclaimer, I tend to like slightly heavier and less wrinkle-prone fabrics. Not a big fan of broadcloth.
^Pretty much that
Ebay. It is the best place to hunt for suits (in my opinion). Buy something quality off Ebay at a deep discount then take it to your tailor. As long as you know your measurements and get the shoulders/chest right, the tailor can usually fix everything else.
Can you comment on sizing differences between the marlow and the Peal and Co? It seems like the Marlow is wider, but I would be curious by how much. Also, you note the heel in the marlow is longer, but can you tell me/us which you feel is "snugger" and gives you a more solid heel lock?
The Grande Reverso 976 is 29.9 mm wide, but if you do not like the Reverso, I would take the Patek over a Cartier. While Cartier has made some strides in the horological world, they are more a jewelry house than a watch manufacturer.
I'd take a look at a JLC Reverso in gold if I were you
The fabric is designed to be worn in "poor" conditions, such as rain or snow. I own two LP storm system pieces and I can say that they are indeed for cooler temperatures (but then again, if it's not cold, why are you wearing a wool coat?). I have one coat in a thicker wool and one in a "sport/ligher" wool (Zerander or something like that). I do not find the extra membrane to add a great amount of warmth, it seems more dependent one the wool/outer fabric itself.
Suits are typically sized off chest, so whatever your chest measurement is, that is your size. That said, I find the more important measurement to be shoulders. I would guess, that whatever size you are in a Fitz (in this case 42S), you would fit into a 42S in the other lines or potentially a 40S. Best thing to do is go to a local store and try them on. Waist size is easily altered....also, your "stomach" and waist size should be the I do not know what you...
Hi Sacaroly, I have a Mattabisch kiton shirt, which I purchased in my normal size some time ago. The quality is very good, on par with the best dress shirts I own. The collar is particular is something special, and I have yet to find something quite like it. The downside of the shirt is (as you suspect) that the fit is very slim. Being a skinny/athletic build, normally I would love this, but the shoulders and chest were too small for me to the point that I gave it to...
I am under the impression that there is a fairly significant shell cordovan shortage as of late (particularly from horween). I was curious if anyone had placed a MTO in brown shell cordovan, and if so, what did it cost you to place the order?
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