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Have both, bemberg is nicer to the touch, but you probably won't notice the difference unless you are looking for it.Don't do it, you will regret it later. Silver looks so much better.
I want an excuse to get a velvet jacket, but I feel like it would be destined to become one of those "I have it only because I wanted it", not because I would ever have an opportunity to wear it.
I have found J Crew to be the softest, but I do not feel the perform any better than say Dockers.
Ok... Shoes - I would not wear either of them. The brown ones look like an attempt of a lower caliber brand to make a legit balmoral wingtip. Admirable, but it falls short in my opinion. The black ones...your intuition is correct. Return them. My suggestion depends on whether or not you intend shoes for the bars or dressier parties. I'll assume both. For the bars or other venues where people will spill alcohol and step on your feet. I would suggest a smart brown...
Any specific place I could order it from?
Dress Pants: You are probably good with your 3 for the moment. Dress shirts: I also favorite white and light blue for true dress shirts (i.e. to be worn with a tie). Semi-Dress shirts: I'll classify these are casual button-downs (or OCBD). This is the area I stock up the most as I do not wear ties very often. I tend to favor oxford, pinpoint, and flannel fabrics for these. If you wish to add here, I would suggest Luxire or proper cloth for shirts. They are roughly...
You misunderstand, I am referring to MTM. Following the measuring guide for shoulders on their website. Normally you'll decide (for example) that your shoulders are around 19.5-20". Use the 20" (or larger estimate). I think pretty much everyone has had good success with this approach. If you are muscular, go for a larger arm opening. TOJ sleeves typically run a bit slim in my opinion.
For a PhD program, anything that covers your feet will do.
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