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Does anyone know what last the 744 is made on? Based on the thread, it seems it is not the same as the standard CXL version from Wolverine.
I nearly always prefer lace-up shoes. I think they look and feel better (excluding sperrys). For jeans, I tend to favor a classic boot such as a White's semi-dress or Wolverine 1000 mile. That said, I would never wear a black short-sleeve button up with jeans. It just doesn't look good to my eye.
I kinda dig the unlined CXL
Ladies love the dimple, don't leave home without it.
I have seen a lot of "recommend me a tie/shirt/suit etc." posts on this forum, and I have to congratulate you. That is the most ridiculous looking shirt I have ever seen.
I'm not a huge fan of black shoes with jeans in general. Brown, tan, or burgundy would look much better. A black plain or cap-toe balmoral is one of few shoes I would not wear with jeans.
Has anyone ever tried to get a custom wolverine 1000 mile boot made? Like for example, that same boot with a different sole?
Price range? http://www.ashlandleather.com/johnny-the-fox-horween-shell-cordovan-wallet-p/jtfshell.htm That is about as good as it gets. or http://www.ashlandleather.com/Ashland-s-Johnny-the-Fox-Leather-Wallet-chromexcel-p/jtfcxl.htm
I would just keep them, the sole can be fixed easily. When I bought my strands (1sts), they were easily seconds after 2 wearings.
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