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Honestly, you should be looking at Allen Edmonds, here is why: 1. Pointier/narrower shoes along look good in "glamour shoes", i.e. when no one is wearing them. They look significantly less elegant when you actually wear them. The 5 last in AE is round enough to not look silly when worn, yet still not look blobby. I highly recommend shoes on this last, or really any AE last. For $450, you could probably also start to look into Carmina. The large upside to these two...
Keep the BB Navy Storm System. I have a couple of them and they are the awesome.
I think I am going to go put on all 3 of my TOJs in honor of what this thread has become
All my grenadines are from Sam Hober. I am not displeased. Vanda & Kent Wang also make a hell of a tie.
I've probably amassed 12-13 between Sam Hober, Vanda, and Kent Wang. Pretty proud of my tie quality and I am confident I am set for pretty much any situation with what I have.
In the past, I have ordered (cotton) trousers too long then washed them several times on relatively high heat to get any shrinkage out of the way. Afterwards I obviously have them hemmed to the correct length, but this solved shrinkage issues for me on a few pairs of pants.
I'll also echo this. It is really easy to go overboard when starting out.Shoes - It seems like you already have this down, but Allen Edmonds are a great choice. Again, start slow. I would start by buying a single pair of shoes in black, like the Park Avenues. I would have someone fit you in person or order a bunch of sizes from the shoe bank until you have your fit down. Once you select a size, return the rest. Once you purchase a pair, wear them around for awhile to...
Unless you are particularly rough on them, you might try just having them pressed once every two weeks and cleaned sparingly. It should extend the life of the shirts.
There is absolutely no reason not to go MTM for that price range. Look at Luxire and Proper Cloth. They will both make you a shirt in nice fabrics for less than £150. For business, start with white and light blues, then you can move on from there if you so desire. It depends on how much you wear and launder/clean them, but my nicer shirts are going on 4 years without an issues.
Someone convince me that I need both a new burgundy diamond weave and a burgundy grenadine fina...
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