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I love me some grandma buttons
Question: For overcoating fabrics - What is (in your opinion) the best overcoating fabric? I was looking around at cloth from Minnis, Fox Bros, and Harrisons. I like the idea of going with harrisons since I was going to place an order with them anyways, but are they markedly better than Minnis or Fox? I am asking because their prices seem to be quite a bit higher than ordering from Fox or Minnis in the same weight range. This seemed odd to be as I was under the...
You can order some from Luxire or purchase some from O'Connell's clothing
I am a big fan of twill and royal oxford (thicker fabrics in general) as they tend to be less see-through and wrinkle less.
http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Saxxon-Wool-Mockneck-Cardigan/MS00656,default,pd.html These will probably hit 20-30% off shortly due to sales. I was in the store and tried this one the other day. I was quite impressed.
I saw Luxire has a few fabrics from Harrisons now. Does anyone know if they can source any fabrics from them currently? For example, their coatings and moonbeam fabrics?
Semi-annual is usually the best all around
I have been very happy with these two:White:http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_calliope_b_00045_00501_fine_twill_whiteLight Blue:http://custom.luxire.com/products/grandi_tenerife_07841_0a187As a disclaimer, I tend to like slightly heavier and less wrinkle-prone fabrics. Not a big fan of broadcloth.
^Pretty much that
$100 is a pretty limiting price range, but assuming you are young ( < 25), converse will probably suit you jut fine. I personally prefer something a bit warmer in the winter.
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