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More something that I could wear to work daily and not worry too much if it is raining or the weather is somewhat poor. I have real boots for snow and field use, although, it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about them too much in winter weather.
Is museum calf less durable than regular calf? I am debating getting a museum calf chukka, but want something I don't have to baby
J. Crew usually has some
Gustin makes some quality jeans for under $100, just need to get the fit right
I would go for the strand in whatever color you prefer. It is easily one of AE's best offerings.
Haha, I just ordered that tie a few days ago now that it's back in stock.
I presume you mean casual shirts like flannels, henleys, etc. I mainly stick to J. Crew and Eddie Bauer.
If anything, I would likely be a "too big" issue. I believe I have one pair with a crease just after the first line of brogueing, no creases elsewhere though.
Honestly, you should be looking at Allen Edmonds, here is why: 1. Pointier/narrower shoes along look good in "glamour shoes", i.e. when no one is wearing them. They look significantly less elegant when you actually wear them. The 5 last in AE is round enough to not look silly when worn, yet still not look blobby. I highly recommend shoes on this last, or really any AE last. For $450, you could probably also start to look into Carmina. The large upside to these two...
Keep the BB Navy Storm System. I have a couple of them and they are the awesome.
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