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If they haven't started making the jacket, then yes, its possible. You would (likely) lose your place in the queue though, then again, in the long run you'd be better off (assuming your ebay one fits).
I see, well iammacyborg is right, the leather MA-1 is friggin awesome. I would highly recommend it. If I were you I would change the second wool MA-1 to something else. Either a TOJ0 or upgrade to another rider-style leather.
Pick whichever you like. Outside of something like a black PA or a wholecut, I don't really get the "no balmorals" with casual attires thing. I understand the history an formality behind it, but aesthetically, it just doesn't make that much difference most of the time.Perhaps like you, I own 5 balmorals, one blucher, and 3 pairs of boots.
You ordered 2 wool MA-1s and a leather MA-1?
I see. I got weird feet though. I wear a 10.5EEE in the 5 last and an 11D in the standard Wolverine 1ks.
I'd go burgundy/merlot. AE's merlot is an excellent shade and yes on the McAllisters.
Is there a place that one could try these on for sizing or another boot on the same last? I doubt my local AE outlet has seconds.
This all kind of depends on your personal style. For me, I just don't see a purpose in wearing jeans that are not a dark indigo. Jeans are probably the most worn item in a lot of people wardrobes, so you really need two in case one is dirty or in the wash. Light jeans, in my opinion, just never look that great, and certainly not better than dark indigo. Any possible "outfit" would be better off with dark jeans or different pants all together. As for black jeans, they...
If I were going to start brand new, here is what I'd do: 2 Pair Indigo Denim: Gustin ($190) 3 Pair pants: Khaki Chinos - J. Crew - $55 Gray Wool Trousers - Howard Yount - $115 Navy Wool Trousers- Howard Yount - $145 *As a note, I do not favor really slim trousers or any kind. Shirts: For casual, easy-care shirts, I almost always recommend oxford cloth. It goes very well with casual attire (i.e. anything that's not a suit) and wrinkles can actually add to the look. I...
How can they be slimmer and on the same last?Or do you meant slimmer than this one:?
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