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What last is that?
I found that using standard size charts and measuring shirts I already owned helped out quite a bit. It only took me a couple orders to get a fit I was happy with, but I think it helps not to try and be perfect. If there's one thing I have learned, nothing is ever perfect.
Wait until the day after Christmas, go to brooks brothers and buy one on their sale
Actually if you want to give Luxire a try, they have some cotton pants that are designed to be either office appropriate or resemble wool trousers. You might give some of those a try, for example: http://custom.luxire.com/collections/pants/products/ah-charcoal-grey-s8791b_birds_eye
Depends on what you mean by "highest end", Do you mean highest quality or highest price? While there is some correlation between the two, I think you'll find the curve saturates rather quickly.
Does anyone know if Burberry usually has a black Friday sale or Christmas sales of any sort?
Does anyone know if burberry usually has a black friday sale or christmas sales of any sort?
Says the minnis flannel is sold out on the luxire page
Don't worry, I am sure today's urban youth would be proud
Basically you can get any (normally priced) shoe in shell cordovan leather, but that is the only change you can make.
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