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I have quite a few hangers from Kirby, but I have often thought they would do better business if they had more inviting shipping prices. Every time you buy something, it's basically the cost of a hanger in itself. Most retailers offer free shipping if you spend X dollars or offer very cheap shipping if it's a small item (USPS standard for small packages is like $4-6).
I have been very unimpressed with luxire's e-mail responses as of late. They used to be very good about it.
I was about to /facepalm seeing as I just posted the semi-annual sale details, but perhaps I should be more specific.When the semi-annual sale rolls around (Christmas time), nearly everything goes on sale at various percentages usually ranging between 15-30%.For example:Suits 20% offSweaters 30% offShoes 15% offTrousers 25% offetc.The day after Christmas, you will get the above discount on the item, plus an additional 15% off kicker.
I think you're likely to get 20-30% off in the semi-annual sale, plus an extra 15% for the kicker
Lol, no it didn't #peacoatsIf it were me, I would get a Loro Piana Icer or a Billy Reid Peacoat.
Yes, absolutely. I like the texture of twill and royal oxford over broadcloth, it also seems to garner most compliments, perhaps because it's more noticeable. If you saw (again for example) Thomas Masons Goldline Royal Oxford cloth in person without me telling you what it was, I am sure you'd have no problem pairing it with a suit. As with most things in life, "there are dinner jackets and then there are dinner jackets."
Depends on what you mean by "formal wear". For example, I have a specific tuxedo shirt I wear with my tux, but if by formal, you mean with a suit, then yes I would and do wear both fabrics with suits. Royal oxford is a different beast than a regular oxford, even amongst oxford cloth, there is a big difference between a coarse heavy oxford fabric and something finer made by Thomas Mason (for example).
I love me some grandma buttons
Question: For overcoating fabrics - What is (in your opinion) the best overcoating fabric? I was looking around at cloth from Minnis, Fox Bros, and Harrisons. I like the idea of going with harrisons since I was going to place an order with them anyways, but are they markedly better than Minnis or Fox? I am asking because their prices seem to be quite a bit higher than ordering from Fox or Minnis in the same weight range. This seemed odd to be as I was under the...
You can order some from Luxire or purchase some from O'Connell's clothing
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