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I have been very unimpressed with Burberry quality, save for the prorsum line. You might try Brooks Brothers or London Fog.
This one. You should get this one.
http://custom.luxire.com/products/brisbane-moss-rye-maroon-1790-cavalry-twill I really want someone to buy this so I can see the color in real life.
Can anyone comment on shrinkage? For those of you who machine wash/dry your shirts, how much allowance do you give? I am about to place an order, but want to take that into account.
If they make suits, they likely make pants. This should get you started....well that and Epaulet and Howard Yount
As a disclaimer, I will say that I am very different size-wise from you, but I can probably offer some insight in this area. I personally own both a Canali suit and an Isaia suit in a size 44L. Comparing the two, the jackets fit extremely similarly and I had them both tailored in exactly the same way. The trousers were a little bit different. While I had both the waists taken in some, I am pretty sure I had the Canali taken in more, but not a huge amount (maybe 1/2 an...
I've sent them several pairs of shoes for re-soling and I have never once had an issue with them.
I'm constantly complaining about this. Is is their standard construction?
+1 Looks amazing in person.
I can recommend that you not get loafers or drivers. A well made shoe will likely have a goodyear welt or another type of construction that allows it to be resoled, meaning the shoe can go through many soles before it's life is up. Look at the Allen Edmonds shoe bank for solid shoes on a budget. Also, shoes were made to be worn. While I do not suggest taking them on your sledding trip, do not be afraid to wear them out.
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