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I can verify that you can get a discount at a U.S. Rolex AD if you are paying cash.
My ex-gf use to wear those
Can anyone who owns both shoes in the 5 last and the 2 last comment on their differences and similarities in fit? Specifically, I would like to know about heel fit (snugness/looseness) and width in the front/ball of the foot.
Pretty happy I have all my TOJs already
These are very nice, but thicker than typical T-shirts in my experience. This can obviously be a pro or a con.I am also a big fan of J. Crew T-shirts.
I'm inclined to agree. Hickey Freeman is all over the place in quality from my experiences. I once purchased a Burberry by HF and it was just awful. I couldn't even bring myself to keep it at a deep discount. However, my brother has an older Hickey Freeman suit and it is absolutely exquisite.
My thoughts exactly. Having just finished watching 3 seasons of suits, I get what your friend is going for. Unfortunately, your friend is probably not going to look exactly like Harvey Specter because your friend isn't Gabriel Macht and he isn't a fictional character that gets to act like a hardass with zero repercussions.However, he can certainly upgrade in the wardrobe department. Since, as state, your friend has no developed his own style and taste yet. I would...
Randolph Engineering.
I wouldn't need to spend $3500, that is for sure. You should be more specific, for example: 1. What kind of suits does he have? What style of suit is he after? 2. Does he want to stick with black (standard) shoes or go with a more stylish brown or burgundy? 3. Does he want several crisp white shirts that go with anything or something more eccentric?
I can attest that they fit slightly looser. The difference in sizing was significant to me. In my case, the heel of the cambridge was looser than the heel in my 5 last calf shoes, enough that I had to return them. However, YMMV.
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