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Would you please add measurements for the chest (armpit-to-armpit) and sleeves (shoulder seam to cuff)?
If they were a different color, I'd buy them in an instant. Cheers!
I think that is their updated policy; at least Gap Inc. established a $7 flat rate for orders over $50.I have been receiving the J. Crew emails and catalogs since last December, but I have yet to receive any unique discount codes; is this because I have only made several purchases?
I just saw it this morning; it was absolutely brilliant, in an overall sense. Yes, there were some alterations and some disappointments, but as a whole, it was excellent.That's funny. If I had been there, I could have joined the group, as I have a strong resemblance to Harry Potter (I wish it was Daniel Radcliffe instead.)
I'm seeing it on Saturday; I'm a massive fan of both the books and the films.I recently watched Order of the Phoenix and it was actually much better than I remembered it being; honestly, I enjoyed it more than the sixth film, which had a completely different focus than the book.
Go with the navy suit; I think wool almost always looks better than cotton. Let us know how the interview goes! Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 I guess I will wear a suit. I only have 3 solid suits (All fit very well). Which one? 1. Navy Wool 2. Cotton Khaki 3. Charcoal Wool/Cashmere
Okay, thanks everyone. Now I need to do some research and choose a tailor. Cheers!
Thvm Atelier. Both the fit and the quality are excellent.
I realize that there is a previous thread (specifically post #11) on this subject, but I wanted some different perspectives. So, I recently purchased a suit with trousers that have side adjusters. The problem is that the waist is still too loose, even with the adjusters fully tightened. Should I: Have the waist taken in (there are no back pockets.) Have brace buttons added (and buy some braces.)The first method is preferable as it would probably be less expensive than...
Quote: Originally Posted by yndmrk91 Is $20 the average price for slimming trousers? It seems like a lot more work then $20, the tailor who slimmed my jacket charges 15 just to let out the waist. From the other threads I have read on this same subject, the average price is definitely higher than $20. 9.5" is a massive hem; I prefer 7" or 7.5" for my own trousers.
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