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Clearly, in life, some things just never make any sense. Quote: Originally Posted by benjamin831
If anyone has an extra-slim fit shirt in 14.5, would you be so kind as to post some measurements? I'm assuming the shirts would still be much too large (perhaps even with additional tailoring), but I thought I'd ask. By the way, my measurements are: Chest: 33.5 inches Sleeve length: 33-34 inches Armpit-to-armpit: 14 inches
Well, I wear a size 28 (with a belt), so I would take in about two inches at the most. I wasn't going to tailor any of my B.R. pants, even though all three pairs I own are from B.R.. Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred Getting the waist taken in is a pretty standard thing, though I'm sure you can only go so far without something ending up looking strange. I've had pants altered at the waist about an inch or two without any problems. Tapering is a...
I think they look very nice; they're a bit expensive for when you're only sixteen and with only a side job, but I want to get some eventually, as the only boots I have at the moment are a pair of Macalister desert boots. And I only have one pair of brogues so far. Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred What happened to Chelsea boots? Seems like people totally forgot about them on the forum. I think they're a great pair to add to a collection. Much...
I have an idea: don't wear cargo pants. Yes! Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Yes: Dreadful looking things. Take them back or burn them.
I need a lot of different items, but the most essential are: Sterlingwear Classic peacoat (in navy) Dark brown Chelsea boots Gray flannels (slim) Navy sport coat
This thread has been very helpful; I'm looking for a pair of gray pants as well, as my current pair are from B.R. with 100% cotton and I want some in wool. I wear a 28 waist, so, when I find a good pair of pants, can I have the waist taken several inches without any really odd distortion? Oh, and chasingred, I live in the Bay Area as well.
Well, I wasn't completely serious when I said that; if anyone would feel awkward from the way I dress, that's their problem. Overdressing at any time can be a little odd in retrospective, though, like the time I wore shell cordovan to a science class. Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME You might send member TC (Houston) a note about this. He'll be glad to answer. EZ That looks nice; thanks for the...
Thank you. Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Wear a tweed jacket with denim or cords and you'll look great. Girls with brains will approve. Indeed. Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Speaking from theatrical experience, you cannot make a teenager look like an old man. If gray hairspray and stage makeup won't do it, tweed shouldn't be an issue. I'm off to check some measurements and hopefully set up...
Now, my second question is, will I look like an old man, wearing Harris Tweed when I'm only sixteen years old?
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