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I need a lot of different items, but the most essential are: Sterlingwear Classic peacoat (in navy) Dark brown Chelsea boots Gray flannels (slim) Navy sport coat
This thread has been very helpful; I'm looking for a pair of gray pants as well, as my current pair are from B.R. with 100% cotton and I want some in wool. I wear a 28 waist, so, when I find a good pair of pants, can I have the waist taken several inches without any really odd distortion? Oh, and chasingred, I live in the Bay Area as well.
Well, I wasn't completely serious when I said that; if anyone would feel awkward from the way I dress, that's their problem. Overdressing at any time can be a little odd in retrospective, though, like the time I wore shell cordovan to a science class. Quote: Originally Posted by EZETHATSME You might send member TC (Houston) a note about this. He'll be glad to answer. EZ That looks nice; thanks for the...
Thank you. Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Wear a tweed jacket with denim or cords and you'll look great. Girls with brains will approve. Indeed. Quote: Originally Posted by amplifiedheat Speaking from theatrical experience, you cannot make a teenager look like an old man. If gray hairspray and stage makeup won't do it, tweed shouldn't be an issue. I'm off to check some measurements and hopefully set up...
Now, my second question is, will I look like an old man, wearing Harris Tweed when I'm only sixteen years old?
Now there's an idea. I have loads of saved searches on Ebay for thrifting, and I check them every few days; yes, I thrift. Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey If you are thrifting, buy all three. See what happens.
Can you give an example? I want a basic pattern for versatility, and not something like this. Grey tweed sounds lovely right now.. Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain there are hundreds, or even thousands of harris tweed patterns. Personally I would look for something more unique.
Thanks! I have dark brown hair (brunet?), and a medium complexion (not pale, but not very tan either). Quote: Originally Posted by porcelain monkey None is better than another. It really depends on what looks good on you. I have a brown herringbone jacket that I think looks better on me than black would, as I have blond hair and a fair complexion. If you have black hair, black may suit you. Welcome to the Forum.
Hi everyone, I started using S.F. when it was mentioned on the site, Put This On, and since then, I've been reading a lot of threads from the archives until I decided to become a member several days ago. Anyway, to get to my subject, I'm interested in purchasing a Harris Tweed blazer, but I'm not really sure whether to go with gray or brown. Here are several examples of what I have previously found on Ebay. Gray Harris Tweed Tan Harris Tweed Brown Harris Tweed Cheers!
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