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Maybe this was already posted somewhere else, but I just saw that Massdrop has Kent Wang sneakers for $79.99-84.99 + $10 shipping (minimum of 15 people need to buy).   Anyone else want to go in with me?
Haha, I haven't visited this thread in awhile, and now I have 80+ pages to catch up on.   I'm just curious, what does it mean when a user has 0% positive feedback? The person in question appears to be legitimate, but the numbers make me doubtful...   Thanks!
 Hi everyone,   These are my current menswear listings on eBay. Feel free to ask any questions!   Jil Sander Hermes ankle boots - 41 EU 8 US Church's Westbury in brown suede - 7G Canali Milano for Bloomingdales Grey Birdseye DB Suit - 42 L Canali Milano Bloomingdales Grey DB Suit - 42 L Polo Ralph Lauren Fox Fields Twill Trousers - 34/32 Ingram Blue Micro Stripe Jacquard Cotton Dress Shirt - 17.5
Another fabulous episode. I think this episode is probably one of my all-time favorites.  
Size 28 Raf by Raf Simons Slim Fit jeans in an off-white ivory colour. Tried on once and are otherwise absolutely unworn with original tags. Feel free to request additional pictures. Thanks for looking. $130 $90 shipped to the US $140 $100 international Measurements Waist: 14.5" Thigh: 9.5" Knee: 7.5" Hem: 6.25" Rise (front): 9.5" Inseam: 34.5 Details 100% cotton Made in Italy
Express Mail or First Class Mail with Registered Mail; see Brian's post or look back a little earlier in the thread if you want more information. I hope that helps.
I'm just curious, what does everyone think on the matter of 7-day auctions (Sunday-Sunday) vs. 10-day auctions (Thursday-Sunday)? Also, what would be a good way to ship trousers or jeans internationally? Priority International doesn't offer any tracking or insurance--at least from what I can tell--and Express International is rather expensive.
I was mostly interested in shipping with shoes new in box, but thanks very much. I haven't tried the Large Flat Rate Priority box yet, but the others definitely didn't work.That's genius. Although, as Brian said, it is probably safer to just use another box. I might try that sometime soon with several layers of brown paper.
As someone who is inexperienced with selling on eBay, I want to thank everyone who has contributed their advice to this thread. This is a very simple question, but I was wondering, for shipping shoes--new in box and new without box--what size of USPS boxes does everyone use? I found the medium flat rate boxes (Priority and Express) to be too small (11" x 8.5" x 5.5") and had to use a larger one (Priority 12" x 12" x 8").
I just wanted to say that you look(ed) absolutely incredible.Happy New Year everyone!
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