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Petite? WHERE?! I've been looking and I come across very few 36 S/R listings. The ones listed are usually sold out by the time I find them. It seems like everything is either a 38 or 42.
I don't think this is something you can fix. The best I think you can do is to wear thicker socks during the colder seasons.
Hmm as far as formality goes I think three-piece suit is comparable to a double-breasted suit. Funny... I have one single-breasted three-piece suit in my closet and two double-breasted. I agree with everyone saying that there are not enough occasions that call for them especially as a student.
Yeah how many SFers do we have in Vegas? It seems like no one has any recommendations or experience besides the aforementioned Frank Valenti... I'm also looking for a tailor in the Vegas/Henderson area.
yeah i saw that... quite the mess really i still think they should have honored that purchase
No one here at Cornell wears the official university scarf or a J. Press / Smart Turnout university scarf. If one wears school gear or clothes, they will often wear a hoodie or t-shirt during the warmer months. In addition, there are plenty of other schools that share the exact same color scheme, so it is not bad taste to wear college colors if you did not attend that institution. It's not like you're wearing their logo or anything. Plus I would be damn impressed if...
Although this is completely off topic, I was just on the Modern Tailor thread and there was another user like "kermit" that attempted to declare the topic "dead". o_o strange coincidence?
Actually he does sell suits under his own label but I hear it's quite exclusive. There's an old thread somewhere here about a few people visiting his factory and asking for his son and then arranging a fitting to buy a suit, but the Gilt sale is pretty much as close as most of us will get unless you go to one of his MTM programs with BB or NM.
pictures? they were removed... oh and are you still selling them
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