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Wait which CM shirts feature MOP buttons? Last time I went it was the nasty yellow plastic ones mentioned earlier...
Sounds too good to be true... but going back to the original post. Is this a diffusion line from Carmina?
Can anyone comment on the fit of the Run of the Mill shirts? I tried to search if anyone has already discussed this, but I couldn't find anything. I'm not quite sure what they mean by "trim". Do the shirts blouse out from the back or is it more fitted than that?
Anyhow... is part two of the interview up yet? I can't seem to find it.
Many thanks Nutcracker! Twas a fine read especially the dissections of the Edward Greens, Gaziano & Girlings, Alden and JM Weston.
It was only a matter of time...
Besides the preference for width and pattern, any word on the quality of the ties themselves? I read that they are handmade in New York City but that's about it. I presume it's of high quality, but I am not so sure after reading the OP's post. I guess I will pass though if they really are 2.5"... though I could have sworn I read somewhere that they make them in 3" as well which is my preferred width.
Nevermind just got my copy today! Thank you for the information though.
Anyone else have anything to say about Alexander Olch? I was thinking of purchasing of one of his ties because I really like the patterns... but now I'm not so sure especially after getting my Vanda Fine tie...
Hmm... Does anyone know when The Armoury will be sending out the O' Mast DVDs? I remember them mentioning they would have it in time for Christmas... which is in five days.
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