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how's the sizing on the margiela gats? curious to how the gats Zeemon is offering fits as well.are they both true-to-size or do they run slightly larger/smaller?
i'd go with the silver zips. i have two toj leathers and i definitely regret getting gunmetal over silver zips. don't make the same mistake
would the grainy texture of goat make it unsuitable to a quilt design? i was thinking of getting a bcdr with single needle diamond quilting
I was about to order an A-1... but decided against it last minute even though i had a hunch it would be discontinued
I don't know... that's going to be a problem for me. I have a pretty small waist and chest. The stock sizes are too big/blousy. I need that aggressive taper.
I think a peak lapel on the chesterfield would look quite nice. When the collar is popped up it never quite made sense to me for it to be a notch or shawl since it doesn't really cover much. I do like gettoasty's suggestion with the removable shearling collar though but not the vents idea unless you wanted a tailcoat just stick with a single back vent.When gettoasty was talking about the pocket placement it reminded me of this topcoat from Lanvin had this past F/W...
yeah i have the same problem with the cuff openings being too big. weird thing is that my doublerider's cuff are perfect but my moto is larger in the cuff opening even though it's the same measurements... could be cause it's lamb and not calf. will check lateryour sleeve length is fine though. wouldn't go any shorter man
anyone have any suggestions on what kind of backpacks to rock with mdr or moto leathers? i got like no options until that daypack releases.. whenever that is
ToJ/John Coppidge... master of ceremonies. seriously though after being held up at customs for a little over a week my jacket finally arrives on christmas eve. excellent
hey how long does a package stay in customs? i've been tracking my toj and its been sitting in LA customers for 3 days straight now...
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