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Not quite. With my MDR order (pre cut-off) the tailor went with his "gut" and made a "spot decision" which led the cuffs being smaller than normal. My Moto order (post cut-off) was apparently made according to the measurements this time around (same measurements for my MDR pre cut-off) which led the cuffs being normal.That's the gist of the conversation between me, Charly and Dan.I already emailed them about this issue and Dan said he would inform their jacket maker....
Wide cuffs ordered at August 2012 post cut-off (Moto)Normal cuffs ordered in May 2012 pre cut-off (MDR)
From what I understand, the tailor began cutting the garments differently. My jacket came out with some pretty huge cuffs too and I ordered last summer as well (when they were first gonna do the cut-offs). I was pretty baffled when I got my jacket in the mail and the cuffs were an inch bigger than my last jacket. I still don't know what to make of it, but it was upsetting. I'm just ordering super small cuffs at this point. There should have been a notice because I didn't...
i was just basing off my own measurements. i'm only 5'7" but i have 24" sleeves that only reach my wrists so i was just assuming it'd be a lot longer for someone whose 5'11". having that said just listen to charly
5'11"?? your sleeves should be at least 25"
wow.. that visvim deckhand actually looks pretty awesome but the other N1 posted here still looks like trash.bad example i suppose
that looks terrible. really excited to see some john coppidge wool coats though. waiting for a long coat of some sort
are you sure it's 5.5"?
how's the sizing on the margiela gats? curious to how the gats Zeemon is offering fits as well.are they both true-to-size or do they run slightly larger/smaller?
i'd go with the silver zips. i have two toj leathers and i definitely regret getting gunmetal over silver zips. don't make the same mistake
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