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Posts by sartbaeklv appreciate the fact that our robbie doesn't wear shoes in the house
back in july totokaelo had navy and black patent cap toe leather sneakers for sale at $160... not anymore though
more interested in the pattern making since the cutter used to work for yohji. their website is an absolute mess though. they use the same images for different products. i assume they didn't have some samples ready for photos
Those Ghurka trousers look awesome. Are they made like normal Ghurkas or is the waistband constructed slightly different? The buckles don't look level, but I'm assuming cause it's oversized on the girl.
but i guess not enough to be banned? how has he not been reported yet lol. noted though
H. Lorenzo occasionally stocks a few pieces as well
for the duration of time wonder if that was written by nic. ovadia and sons really is a bandwagon brand though, they have no identity. i've spoken to one of the factories that made their samples in the garment district, not gonna drop any names but this review seems pretty in line with what i've heard of them. it's good to see honest reviews like this. more businesses especially in fashion need to be held accountable for treating employees like shit. sadly seems quite...
the guy on the right looks like abdul abasi from abasi rosborough. ran into him and greg the other time picking up markers for their next collection
yeah just got one from an order i placed back in 2014. odd
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