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I would also like in if the order books ever opens again.
careful on the kvas... you want to size down. i ordered a 41 and they're 1.5 sizes too big (i'm normally a US 8)
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I only see the burgundy and olive Icarus? I wish more stores carried Kris Van Assche. Besides online, I don't think there are any brick and mortar stores in the US that carries his footwear.
I don't understand why KVA wouldn't release a white or black multi lace sneakers unless that's something he always reserves for S/S collections.
What kind of watch goes well with a ToJ moto/rider? I was looking into purchasing a Seiko SKX007K2 (automatic diver) because a tank and other dressier watches are just too damn expensive for current budget. Do y'all even wear watches?? I never owned one, so I'm pretty new to all this.
balenciagas and kvas would probably be a good accommodation for wide feet
Dam man your wrists are 5.5"? Mines around 5.75". My MDR's cuffs measures out to be like 5". I actually sent a video to Charly of me measuring the new cuff on my moto, but he said Dan measures it a bit different. I'm just paranoid that the cuffs might come out big again on my next order (that diesel blue bcdr) that I requested it to be 4.5". Rationale being that I can just unzip the cuffs a bit if its too snug. After I got my moto back from Charly the new cuffs measure out...
Not quite. With my MDR order (pre cut-off) the tailor went with his "gut" and made a "spot decision" which led the cuffs being smaller than normal. My Moto order (post cut-off) was apparently made according to the measurements this time around (same measurements for my MDR pre cut-off) which led the cuffs being normal.That's the gist of the conversation between me, Charly and Dan.I already emailed them about this issue and Dan said he would inform their jacket maker....
Wide cuffs ordered at August 2012 post cut-off (Moto)Normal cuffs ordered in May 2012 pre cut-off (MDR)
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