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they definitely did. in the past i've gotten mid white achilles for $240 shipped
everything is practically sold out though except for the sanjuro coats and a few tees
Not sure if that's corrected grain but the leather on those look terrible. Did they just start peeling off naturally? I beat the hell out of my Achilles and even had them get nicks and cuts but the leather never began peeling like that... Gustin must be using a low grade leather in that case. Best to contact them and see how they respond because no matter what happened the leather should not be peeling like that regardless of wear. Damn shame too. I had high hopes for...
I would also like in if the order books ever opens again.
careful on the kvas... you want to size down. i ordered a 41 and they're 1.5 sizes too big (i'm normally a US 8)
[double post please delete]
I only see the burgundy and olive Icarus? I wish more stores carried Kris Van Assche. Besides online, I don't think there are any brick and mortar stores in the US that carries his footwear.
I don't understand why KVA wouldn't release a white or black multi lace sneakers unless that's something he always reserves for S/S collections.
What kind of watch goes well with a ToJ moto/rider? I was looking into purchasing a Seiko SKX007K2 (automatic diver) because a tank and other dressier watches are just too damn expensive for current budget. Do y'all even wear watches?? I never owned one, so I'm pretty new to all this.
balenciagas and kvas would probably be a good accommodation for wide feet
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