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Kagawa back at dortmund. Thank god.
Also got the CFC kit this season. Probably one of my favorites since the 10/11 one.
Very entertaining match. Kinda disappointed with how bad Chelsea's defense was in the second half. Still happy with the win though.
I want all of it. Peir is one brand I would go Regis on if I had the dough.
Yeah when I ordered mine I was about the same weight as you and also in the XS-S range. If you're taking in weight gain then for sure 38.
Personally for me I would because of the shoulders being tight + I'm planning on gaining more weight. Since you do weigh 8lbs less than me and you find the way it fits on me ideal then a 36 should be ok. Are you normally an xs-s?
Just snapped some quick pics Talking about it made me want to try it on again just to see how it fits now because I've gained some weight. Wearing it made me remember how much I love this thing. It's no joke. The fabric is nuts, if you want close up pics of it go through my profile. I'm ok with how it fits with just a tshrt underneath but anything more makes it too tight. I feel like the shoulders and arms are the slimmest on me but I do have broad shoulders for my size.
I weigh a little more than you(138) at the same height and I have a 6A in 36. It fits fine albeit a little too slim for my tastes with a knit like this.If I had to choose again I would've went with a 38. It really depends on how you want it to fit.
That tartan green 1A is calling my name but it'll cost quite a bit with the duties taken in.
Like many of you W+H is what got me onto this site along with raw denim. Tiger fleece specifically. I'm not into that stuff anymore and it's sad that W+H is so overpriced and bad these days. Hopefully with a new designer they'll be back on track. Haven't liked anything enough to buy at full price or even on slight discount for these past few seasons. I still am looking for a wool mac coat though. Wasn't the old W+H designer (name slips my mind) supposed to design stuff...
New Posts  All Forums: