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I too also do this with a some pepper on it.
Jarude were you a swim instructor? It's what I'm doing right now as a part time job. I love swimming but stopped doing it competitively recently because it takes too much time and I wasn't on par with many. Being a swim instructor keeps me in the water though with free access to city recreation centers. I still like to get a nice swim in every so often. Took about a month break and just got back to the gym. My routine is pretty minimalist nowadays(not too many...
http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n138547360 Cheap Lad Musician Rider Size 44(Small)
Not related to FW14 but what size did you grab for the merino coat tween? I think we're exactly the same size.
Tween making me fall for that green polo again
I actually have to agree with Teger, I think that Cantarelli jacket would look really good on you Regis.
I know you said good quality but I like my pair from H&M. Cheap and fits really well. Their linen tees are also my favorite tees too.
Haven't ordered but I'm pretty sure you need a proxy.
Probably not, I think their size 42 = xs 44 = s and 46 = m.How tall are you? The model they used is about 6'2"EDIT: My guess is the royal blue canstyleace.Really wish I had the funds to buy the black in 44. If anyone buys it please do it justice.
For those who want a nice lapelless blazer, have you tried Lad? http://www.ladmusician.com/webshop/products/detail.php?product_id=2114304&color=78 http://www.ladmusician.com/webshop/products/detail.php?product_id=2114609&color=25
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