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Damn ya'll are swift. Poa in frost already gone.
Guess I'm losing out to you since we're the same size I think (Small/46?)
You bought that Peir off YJP? How would I search Peir Wu on yjp. Coat looks great, love the fabric. Sucks that you got screwed over twice though. Hope the tailor can fix that tear and you figure it out with that scam.
+ending of There Will Be Blood
Melo thats really good. I like the slip ons there especially with the cropped pants.
I think olive MA-1 looks better with blue jeans than black. Just personal opinion though. Someone just posted a fit on sufu with that combo and it looked great.
Thanks lmao Now to get some shoe trees for these babies. Is the danite sole good in winter?
+1 to Bene and Toasty. Trousers would make that fit ace sinnedk. Would definitely wear that outfit.
Am I supposed to be adding weight to my max between each cycle? I read somewhere adding 6.25lbs each month is ideal.
What are you guys using to condition and clean your shoes? Saphir? I got a pair of a black 73's that could use some love. The white sole is pretty dirty too.
New Posts  All Forums: