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Pants that actually fit a regular squatter! Nice. Are those a rakuten grab?Falling for the hype but I really want that homespun.
Fantastic! Loving all the muted prints, purple and navy.I really dig these looks in particular. Last one is my favorite. [[SPOILER]]
I owned a pair of MHL pants with buttoning on the inside of the waist(those two tabs that you can pull to tighten the waist). I was very disappointed when it ripped the inside waist lining after a couple wears. I've handled the mainline knits before though and they're amazing.
8.5/10 condition. Been worn less than 10 times but it has always been too big for me so I want to let it go. Price includes shipping in Canada. Add $10 for the US and PM for international.
Dope @Roxstar. Are you still around in Edmonton?
Nice knit Parker
mbaum that is fantastic. Bene I like everything up to the point where the pants hit the shoes. Not digging the looser pant + slimmer shoe combo. I personally think that backzips/sidezips only look good with smaller leg openings.
That bullion embroidered harness is so cool but $1000 Love the brush stroke and embroidered shirt too.
http://www.********.com/listings/47262-lad-musician-leather-double-rider-44 Lad Rider in Size 44
Where are you guys grabbing the LBM long coats? @Synthese @RXS09 Both of yours look perfect.
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