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Just bought a pair of romaleo's from the 66kg Masters 1 DL record holder. He was telling me about the shoes and I asked if he competed too...
lounge coat is great.
Damn, when do you think XS will be available?
Too bad to hear. It was one of my favorite Schneider pieces. Still would love to find one in 3-4 to try out.
Stans would've been good. Derbies are what I had in mind or a chunkier boot. Voluminous pants + big coat + derbies reminds me of Yang Li f/w 13.I love the thing but you'll be first one I PM if I do decide to sell.
I knew what you were trying to get at. I wasn't trying to suggest the classic schneider look but I just really think the MMM's dont work even for what you're trying to achieve. I like the rest of the outfit, it's just the footwear kinda pulls it down. I'm all for voluminous pants and tees.
Fuck been looking for that shirt for ages but too small
Coat looks great but to the mmm high's in the fit.
Normally I think fits that have a vibrant pop of color in a mostly monochrome outfit(ie. all black with a bright red shirt) are kinda cheesy and done pretty badly but Regis you pull it off. Well done.
Damnit. Good find but no manlet size 8-8.5 for any of the $120 romaleos.
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