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Late to the party but my ss13 Richard is 100% in my top 5 pieces in my wardrobe, probably rate it higher than the lace cuff coat just because of how versatile it is. I just love the brown fuzzy texture with the navy underneath. One of the few pieces I wouldn't mind owning multiple color ways of.
Definitely was looking at the ones on NMWA, a little too pricy for me at the moment but it is the best option aesthetically and functionally so far.
Continuing with the junya... I was surprised that it was on grailed for so long with so many price cuts.
Anyone got good recs for a winter boot (Canadian winters, so lots of snow and ice) that don't look like shit? I usually just wear vibrammed sidezips, Visvim 7 holes with the white vibram soles and Tricker's burfords with a danite sole. While those have served me well just walking quickly to class, I wouldn't mind something a little sturdier and warmer. I was thinking about Timbs or Diemme, but wanted to see if there was anything else on the market. Maybe something that...
Just copped these for 70USD and they're so comfy and lightweight. I don't even want to wear them because the clean all white looks so nice, but hopefully they look good a little beat up. Anyone got tips on cleaning white flyknit?
Thanks! I can already feel the want for another piece, doesn't help that the all Veilance stuff I've checked out was ridiculously nice.I actually was going to use it for biking...why do you say that I shouldn't?
Just bought a Beta SL as my first bird piece and I'm loving it. I would rather have had a Veilance piece but it's slightly out of my budget right now and mainline Arc is still good stuff from what I hear. Hopefully I can find a Galvanic or Monitor in my size for a good price closer to FW.
It really is a gorgeous fabric that Geller used on this coat. There are just so many shades of green within the tweed. I would take a picture but my phone camera is complete shit and wouldn't do it any justice.
Gonna have to agree with you. My green tweed lace cuff coat is currently competing with my Richard and Lounge coat for my favorite piece. It's been too warm recently for me to wear it though. Guess I can't complain about Edmonton being warm at this time of year.
I'm going to be studying in Copenhagen for a month in July so I'm just starting to make a list of places to check out. Do you guys have any specific recommendations for cool shops, eats, drinks and just general places to check out? I'm excited to live there for a month. I was thinking about booking a reservation for noma (July reservations are actually booked today) but I'm not sure if it would be a smart idea budget wise.
New Posts  All Forums: