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~400 Wilks350lb squat455lb deadlift225lb benchall at 143lbsalso a good GPA would be cool.
Curious about these so update us when you can. Probably won't need a pair anyways though.
I superset all my accessories when I'm rushing to finish a workout, usually in between classes. Shouldn't be too much of a problem although I do reduce the weights a little bit.
Damn! Yeah I checked like a bunch of times throughout the year and it was always the medium. Nice catch.If you ever want to get rid of it, you know who to PM.
Is that teddy a size small? If so, I'm jealous.
ghdvfddzgzdzg I love that TOJ, the fleshy color is awesome. You should buy some hender scheme kicks to match with it (6).
Mikey blew my spot so I bought it as soon as I saw people interested in this thread haha. I'll send you a PM if it doesn't fit though.EDIT: Thanks mike for pushing me to buy it and letting me know how to use rakuten.
Woops I misunderstood your post. I'll check into that paypal credit/debit though. Thanks.
I just have some money in my PayPal account that I wanted to see if I could use before I transfer it back into my back account.
This was with kind-u who says they have paypal as an available payment option. Weird that it's not coming up when I check out.
New Posts  All Forums: