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Any Boston recs(food/fashion/shows/events)? I know there are a couple of you out there and I recall there being a post like this before but maybe not in this thread or I'm just blind. I'll be there 2nd week of June. Oh yeah I'm also not over 21. ^Poutine is good anytime and anywhere. I really need to head back to Montreal. Absolutely love that city and our winters are very similar.
I'll throw this EG one in there too. Size M http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/kind-u/item/573815005540/
https://streamable.com/ocei Messi's second goal for whoever missed it. Someone's gonna have to check up on Boateng's ankles after that.
Thanks for the link habitant. Also found some other stuff I've been looking at on their site. I really like the shape of those nonnatives but I'm looking for a reddish-brown suede. Something kind of like thatoneguy's MA+. I'm probably being too specific though and might have to settle for something else. Those look too good NN. I must resist another pair of black boots though.
Definitely would be in for some sidezip/backzip. I've been scrounging through yahoo auctions and rakuten for the perfect suede pair with no luck.
^Beautiful. Rami also hit a nice one earlier today: http://gfycat.com/GlumQuaintCur
As a neutral I hope Juve make it far but Bayern and Barca looked menacing today. This run by Iniesta had me drooling. https://streamable.com/r5ep
Anybody from Boston here? How is the pop up shop there. I'll be in Boston in June and I'm wondering if it's worth a stop.
That's a great price. Can't wait to see the first sample with the fabric. Wishful thinking but perhaps some high rise tapered pants in the future with that fabric too?
I agree, it just sucks that his time with Dortmund ended on such a sour note after achieving quite a bit with them. I still can't put a finger down on what happened this season with them though. They have a great team, there was no way Lewandowski leaving had that big of an effect.I'm hoping he doesn't go to the premier league because it'll most likely be a top 6 team and I'll have to dislike him.
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