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FWIW SBD knee sleeves are very worth the money. Kept my knees nice and toasty and I felt like there was a slight rebound to them. Might've just been placebo but I did 230 for 6 triples very easily today while two weeks ago it was a tough grind for 4 triples.
You rate Inherent Vice that low? Shame as I always look forward to PTA's films.
Black timbs
Is Ss in between an XS and S or was that a typo?
Curious to see your yohji stuff. Post em up.Just remembered this: http://www.thirdlooks.com/2012/11/style-profile-charly/Your total has gone up a huge amount in 2 years. Crazy how much your squat passed your DL.
You mainly rockin rick these days charly? I still remember the fits you used to post back in the day on sufu. They were always solid. Guess I don't have your guys' problems. I'm still a waif thin manlet so I can still rock fashunz although most of the stuff always had shoulders that were too small for me.
Time to go full yohji/cdgh+ concept.
Those are massive pulls. Are those in ipf or what fed is it? Just did a quick google search and the 74kg Open Classic IPF DL record right now is 296.0kg and kojo pulled 296.5kg in another vid. 310kg pull is the pending record though. EDIT: Realized I totally bit Charly's style without even knowing it. Volt romaleos, black singlet, black t-shirt and black socks.
So this happened at my club's meet last year. Also dudes in my weight-class(66kg) have like 1100lb totals. Very humbling.
Looks solid. Personally would rather do Front squats + low bar squats combination instead of High bar + low bar.
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