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Already own one If I do gain weight though I'll probably sell mine and nag NN to sell me his.
FWIW the peir wu's shoulders are supposed to fit like that. Theres a little bit of padding to make it a pagoda and a little wider.
Definitely feel the same way. I find math very boring but maybe that's just the case for entry level calculus and stats courses. I want to major in physics but that requires a lot of math courses which don't particularly interest me as much as physics does.
Nvm spoke too soon. Retried my bench and hit 10lb PR and decided to try DL and hit a 28lb PR.
Fuck didn't hit any PRs while testing today. Just hit my estimated 1RMs.
I know it's a hassle but could you take a pic with it unzipped or zipped down lower. Are the lapels that small?
Wasn't there that Acronym diffusion or collab label that wasn't too badly priced. Name totally slipped my mind but I remember looking up a few pieces on rakuten and yjp
^Jealous. Nice cops
Can't believe it's gotten this bad. I thought it was weird back when I got my order after 21 weeks instead of 20(ordered MA-1 early june).
FWIW SBD knee sleeves are very worth the money. Kept my knees nice and toasty and I felt like there was a slight rebound to them. Might've just been placebo but I did 230 for 6 triples very easily today while two weeks ago it was a tough grind for 4 triples.
New Posts  All Forums: