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I knew it. Looked so familiar. I need to get out to banff/the mountains again. Jasper sucks compared to banff.
I don't have access to blocks at either of the gyms I train at. Had to stack these mats to act as blocks. Fucking hated setting that shit up and also setting it up with sumo and making sure it doesn't slip between each rep was a pain. I'm thinking Sumo variations (sumo rack pull and sumo up to knees w/pause) + Defecit DL (conventional) would be ok for DL variations.
Right now I have 3 variatons for bench and 2 for squat and DLBench: CGBP, Pin Press and Decline BenchSquat: Box Squat(might switch to pause squat) and Front SquatDL: Defecit Dead (Conv.) and RomaniansSo currently nothing sumo. Might do Sumo deficits instead of conventional. I'm kinda unsure.I'm trying to use the Hypertrophy block to break down the competition lifts and focus on my weaknesses. I'm still squatting my regular comp form but w/ pause and yeah I don't reall do...
Ok I was just worried that not practicing competition lifts for 4-6 weeks would be detrimental but yeah I have a good sense of what to do for the preperatory and comp block.I pull sumo though so any other complimentary lifts I can do for it other than defecit deads(conventional) or wide stance box squats?I'll post the routine when I'm done it if any of you guys want to critique or even use it.
Question to you powerlifters. I'm working on my own program based on block periodization but a little unsure about not practicing competition lifts for a hypertrophy/volume cycle. What are your opinions on this? For this cycle it's mainly based on complimentary lifts (ie. CGBP, Front Squats, Pin Presses, Deficit Deads, etc) with lots of accessories for hypertrophy.
How many times are you benching a week? Simply adding volume will help your bench a lot.
Already own one If I do gain weight though I'll probably sell mine and nag NN to sell me his.
FWIW the peir wu's shoulders are supposed to fit like that. Theres a little bit of padding to make it a pagoda and a little wider.
Definitely feel the same way. I find math very boring but maybe that's just the case for entry level calculus and stats courses. I want to major in physics but that requires a lot of math courses which don't particularly interest me as much as physics does.
Nvm spoke too soon. Retried my bench and hit 10lb PR and decided to try DL and hit a 28lb PR.
New Posts  All Forums: