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thatoneguy nitpick but I really dislike wider cuffs with any boots without laces. Do the pants just not break or stack nicely? I would probably have to see a full shot to judge though.
God neymar looks so punchable in that picture. Great player but not his best performance yesterday though.
I'll be another one to add to the boiled wool. A charcoal(melange?) colorway sounds great.
^+1 that's definitely my favorite 5 zip colorway
That thing is fucking gorgeous. What a great price you got it for too.
Even though its in my top 3 grails I'm already skinny enough :/
http://www.gr@iled.com/listings/67936-jil-sander-ss11-flower-print-shirt Someone please buy this before I decide to lose 10 pounds to fit into it. One of my favorite pieces of clothing ever.
@The3rdConch0rd Echoing what everyone else said but I really like most of your fits. The latest one you posted is great. What's the sweater?
Need this piece.
Sucks to hear this as they're one of the only good shops in Edmonton and I always liked checking out the new season in person. Always bought atleast 1-2 SS items locally per season except for FW14.
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