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Great cops Gtran, I would love to grab at least one from that selection of boots only if my carpes sold. Appreciate the reviews for each too!
@strangebrew I like it except for the tee sticking out at the chest and sleeves. It probably was adding to what you were going for with the fit but imo it looks a little off.
What happened with the Inverallan order? I remember I got mine and stopped checking the thread.Would love to have another knitwear order like that with such an awesome selection of fabrics.
This was a custom order from the man himself using a black crepe wool fabric (Same one used for his button hem snowpants). 9.5/10 condition. I've tried to wear this a couple times but came to the conclusion that it just does not fit me right. It's an amazing piece that can be used as just a shirt or an overshirt (this is how I would wear it). Features a front chest pocket and another one on the inside. Pictures and measurements were obtained from...
9/10 condition. The boots have barely been worn (~10 times), there are a couple of scuffs on the toes however but that will be inevitable. Then instep has been stretched but unfortunately it still doesn't fit me. I'd say it'd fit a true 8-8.5 with a low instep or a 7.5 comfortably. The color is a beautiful brown with hints of burgundy with the last photo showcasing it the best. I got them for a much higher price but want to get rid of these as they're just sitting there...
Late to the party but my ss13 Richard is 100% in my top 5 pieces in my wardrobe, probably rate it higher than the lace cuff coat just because of how versatile it is. I just love the brown fuzzy texture with the navy underneath. One of the few pieces I wouldn't mind owning multiple color ways of.
Definitely was looking at the ones on NMWA, a little too pricy for me at the moment but it is the best option aesthetically and functionally so far.
Continuing with the junya... I was surprised that it was on grailed for so long with so many price cuts.
Anyone got good recs for a winter boot (Canadian winters, so lots of snow and ice) that don't look like shit? I usually just wear vibrammed sidezips, Visvim 7 holes with the white vibram soles and Tricker's burfords with a danite sole. While those have served me well just walking quickly to class, I wouldn't mind something a little sturdier and warmer. I was thinking about Timbs or Diemme, but wanted to see if there was anything else on the market. Maybe something that...
Just copped these for 70USD and they're so comfy and lightweight. I don't even want to wear them because the clean all white looks so nice, but hopefully they look good a little beat up. Anyone got tips on cleaning white flyknit?
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