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^the best colorway. Very nice
Just a warning with sheiko. The main lifts take a long time to finish. Around an hour and a half on a good day but most of the time it was close to two hours. Don't expect to do too many accessories unless you plan to stay in the gym for a while.
Concept I bench off eleiko racks too. Of course there's a slight push up but I wanted to explain the exaggerated motion for accordion. Good points though. You really need to "shelf" the bar with your lats, shoulders and upper back. New training with more autoregulation has been going well in my opinion. Next meet will probably be in February.
The way to unrack it is to imagine pulling down a lat pulldown bar down with straight arms while standing up. There's a couple videos on youtube that explain this well. Just did a quick search and here's one. Try getting the form down and see if it helps. I would do lat pulldowns, face pulls and rows to work on my upper back and lats.
Perhaps its your upper back and lats. Are you using your lats(arching, tucking your shoulders, pulling the bar forward off the rack as opposed to pushing it up then forward) when you unrack the weights?
Sounds awesome. What are you going for on each lift?
Where'd you find those for $50?
Love my merino in this -20 to -30 weather. Might be an unpopular opinion but I do not like how it looks buttoned up, but opened it looks 10/10.
Shoulders look fine to me.
Yeah I was specifically talking about the weeks building up to a meet as I felt like it was extremely light. The program had started to taper down the volume significantly 1 month out. For the off season I'll stick to lower intensity high volume for hypertrophy but once another meet is announced I'm going to start building up to higher intensity which sheiko doesn't really do.
New Posts  All Forums: