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Will there be a possible return of the T1 or T3?
Totally in for the tobacco
Chesterfield would be killer, but a T-3/T-1 in a light whiskey suede Glad to hear you guys are doing this.
^I was just considering that like an hour ago but it's a little too big. Hope it works out for you, such a nice piece.
I love my TOJ MA-1. Definitely worth the $450 I paid. The puffiness works for me because I love that slightly oversized fit(I'm a slim dude fwiw) and I was also kind of unsure about how suiting wool would hold up for a jacket like this but it's been doing great. I've worn it through heavy snowfall and -30C weather and haven't had a problem. Still is in the same shape as when I got it. It fits me kind of like how the Helmut one fits in the pic Diniro posted. On a related...
Schweini to Man U. First German to play for them and its THE German. Great signing...but I'll hate seeing him play for a PL rival.
Curious to how you like the Lad shop coat. Was looking to pick it up and now that it's on sale too...
No I went TTS. Yeah I was going to drop by the cobbler next week, I just really hope it doesn't ruin the sleek shape too much.
Anyone have experience stretching out the instep of s21m's? The one's I just got from nahneun fit well length and width wise but the instep is just too tight right now. I know that if I sized up, the length would be way too long as there is the perfect amount of room right now in the toebox. Would stretching out the instep ruin the shape too much?
Just came back from my trip in Boston. I can second Yume and The Daily Catch. Line wasn't that long for the Daily Catch when I went last Sunday for lunch. Alive and Kicking Lobster also makes a mean Lobster sandwich. It's in Cambridge about a 15 minute walk from Central. I also enjoyed Puritan and Co which is also in Cambridge.
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