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You guys know the deal. Double donegal, extremely warm, thick and beautiful. Fits an XS-S. Interest check because I really do love it, but it's just ever so slightly small on me. Price is pretty firm. Price is with shipping in Canada, PM for international.
R.I.P. OG Tiger Fleece + White V-neck + N&F Raws + Clarks Was the daily outfit for 2010. Do you guys get "why are you wearing dress pants" a lot when you guys wear pleated or flant front pants?
Crullers are probably one of the most popular things at Timmy's. Canada loves them, didn't know they weren't so popular in the states.
Been busy with school but I asked just so I can have a nice list in this thread to refer back to when I'm searching for a movie to watch in my spare time. Thanks guys
Wait times suck but the jackets dont disappoint. That DR is gorgeous.
Anyone see anything worth mentioning recently? Can be a newer or older film, just need some recommendations. Finally saw Jodorowsky's Dune. Absolutely fantastic.
In theory we got a good result. Draw away against title contenders but it felt like a big loss. Lamps Gotta give it to man city though, they were great.
Just bought a pair of romaleo's from the 66kg Masters 1 DL record holder. He was telling me about the shoes and I asked if he competed too...
lounge coat is great.
Damn, when do you think XS will be available?
New Posts  All Forums: