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As a neutral I hope Juve make it far but Bayern and Barca looked menacing today. This run by Iniesta had me drooling. https://streamable.com/r5ep
Anybody from Boston here? How is the pop up shop there. I'll be in Boston in June and I'm wondering if it's worth a stop.
That's a great price. Can't wait to see the first sample with the fabric. Wishful thinking but perhaps some high rise tapered pants in the future with that fabric too?
I agree, it just sucks that his time with Dortmund ended on such a sour note after achieving quite a bit with them. I still can't put a finger down on what happened this season with them though. They have a great team, there was no way Lewandowski leaving had that big of an effect.I'm hoping he doesn't go to the premier league because it'll most likely be a top 6 team and I'll have to dislike him.
Klopp out at end of season. Sad to see as he was great for Dortmund.
Anyone get a hold on the re-released Laphroaig 15? Hoping I can find it somewhere here.
Damn! Who here got this? I totally missed it. Let me know if it doesn't work.
Did she get that jacket from here ghost? I think it was snake selling it? Always wanted it. Good fits from the both of you too!
I was looking at the Sashiko coverall and hunting jacket but they sold out
thatoneguy nitpick but I really dislike wider cuffs with any boots without laces. Do the pants just not break or stack nicely? I would probably have to see a full shot to judge though.
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