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Good to know for the next time. So you just asked the Shoe Bank for the return label pre-filled with your Canadian address?
I've only returned a pair of 2nds once and I had to pay for the shipment back to Port Washington. For 1st quality, so far they've covered the return shipment. Hope this helps.
I have the Player's in suede and a few last #5 shoes. For me, I am able to wear the same size 9D on both lasts.
I live in Toronto, my experience has been shipping from the shoebank is the same as an online AE purchase (ie. depends on the amount purchased).
Pat of my shoe collection includes 3 pairs of black shoes (monk, derby/blucher and an oxford/balmoral) and I am very happy with them. Let the man enjoy his collection, his circumstances might necessitate having more than 1 pair.
I too work in a financial institution and I think people wear (eg. blue suits and black shoes) for any number of reasonsSame here. I don't think I've ever heard anyone in the banking industry being sent home because their clothing is too boring or too stylish... showing too much skin, that's another story.
Since shipping is free, you might want to call the AE shoebank and check. If memory serves I believe if you buy more than 2 it is priced at $17.50 a pair.
Gentlemen, thank you for your response! Looks like I will try my last #5 size and go up a width.Shartmann - try the AE shoebank for the Sanderson in an E width, will be 2Q though.
Nice line up Shartmann. Can you please share how the RL Sanderson fit compares to the AE Strand and what size/width are both shoes? I've been meaning to purchase a pair of Sanderson but I am a not sure about the size/width. I got some feedback from a few people here previously on the same question, I'm trying to get as much info on fit before I make the purchase. I am told it fits similar to the AE last #5 however i should go up a width... is this your experience as...
Same here torn between the 2. In my opinion I think you'll get more mileage on the dark brown however the waxy brown is more striking. Aside, I believe the 2Q cost $279.
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