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Nordstrom sell these jeans now, plus I get my wife discount (33%) Just in case anyone wants a pair
30th birthday gift from my wife, very simple I live it.
If anyone has any Heady Topper they want to sell/trade lemme know. I can get anything and everything from Ohio: Great Lakes Fat Heads Hoppin Frog Brew Kettle Columbus Founders Bells Thanks, Sam
Quote: Originally Posted by dougie Have they started selling replacement laces for these yet? just email them and they will mail you a pair, thats what I did.
Quote: Originally Posted by Logan Those are awesome. why, thank you.
APC Rescue's, a few years old 2 wash's.
Ok, Ill call, what kind of SF discount is offered?
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's I keep saying the phone is your friend and the number you dial is in my sig. not seeing the 1000 miles on the site
I wish revolve had the 1000 Miles Original in Black, boo!
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