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Only new here, but would love it if you could tag me along on your order. I'm after the following: Saphir Pate de luxe 1x light brown (50ml) 1x cognac (100ml) Saphir cream polish 1x black (75ml) 1x light brown (75ml) 1x cognac (75ml) If you'd be so kind, PM to sort out the details. Quote: Scott Disick, born on May 26, 1983 in Eastport, Long Island, New York and has had his goal in life to prove how someone could be worthless, how someone could lie to those that love him and to prove that being a loser can be watched on TV. The honesty is appreciated.
Interesting. Kudos to you for being brave enough to experiment with something new, and come off with a workable result.
Yellow is the new black.
The only positive, albeit a considerable one, is that it distracts one from his ugly fucking face.
Second one, however the sleeves are still too long. The first has very good elements, but seems a bit off; likely due to you leaning on one foot. A bit too tight on certain areas regardless though.
I'm surprised by the lack of cohesive standards some members have. I, personally, would not like to make an effort on an evening out only to be surrounded by people eating with their hands, wearing swimming trunks and a tank top. Sure, an extreme comparison, yet one which evidences that standards DO apply; some being higher than others. A mix of Michelin Star restaurants here in the UK adhere to a 'jacket for dinner' standard. Alternatively, 'members clubs' of any...
Three is a bit much. I'd like to order one as a genital warmer.
Measurements please?
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