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I recently puchased a beauitful Armani suit and I just love the fit- not tight more like a fitted shirt- This is quite different from other suits I have, including Brioni and Armani which have more of a lose fit- yet all inthe same size- My question is- Is there a term for these more "fitted Suites: Any and all replies are appreciated, Michael C.
Up for sale is a BRAND NEW Italian made Leather Piquadro Blue square Briefcase. Direct from Italy, Genuine leather, Brand new with tags. Asking 300obro. worth over $460 Email for pics. Bag is brand new in original packaging. Also up for sale are a pair of 9.5m Kenneth Cole Reaction mid Boots. Asking $35 Again pics upon request. Reply to
I really dont get it- Vritually all these smart looking shoes are pretty small sizes- Pretty frustrating when those of us with the bigger feet- have to just drool and wait until something comes along- Not one for inferring too much from these kinds of observations- but there definately is a pattern going on. OK- Maybe the guys with big feet tend to keep their shoes longer-, but what gives???
Bought this beautiful pair of handmade boots by Battaglia, US size 12- too narrow for my feet- If you are interested I can send a picture- $100- Fantastic deal
Looking for quality, preferable Italian-European made shoes- 11.5 -12 (US sizing) Santoni, A testoni, Ferragamo, Tonnino Crisci, and the British shoe makers are also really talented. Thanks for your attention, Michael
great quality clothing- A few questions- What is you opinion of Santoni Shoes???? Your shirts- Generally, I wear a 16 with sleaves- 34/35- would your fit?/ and are these french cut?? Michael
You seem to know where to go for bargains- Im looking for good Italian clothes and shoes- at great prices- of course all used- any and all leads appreciated, Michael
Beautiful clothing, Wish it was my size- Am looking for quality Italian clothing- jackets- 42 Reg, pant 34, 31 Let me know if you hear of any leads, Michael
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