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I don't think it'll make much of a difference, but it's not oil on the boot so much as just road dirt. (it was a old muffler pipe that had been riding along under a car for a hundred thousand miles. Thick road grit rather than an oily substance. All in all, it's not a big deal. I was asking more if there was something simple I could give a shot to get some of the grit off I would, but I'm not going to stop wearing them or anything because of it. The picture above is...
I've got some harness boots which I've had for a few years. I wear them a few times a month and don't do much for them in terms of specific care or maintenance. The other day I was wearing them, and a road-grimey auto part tipped over and landed on my toe. My foot's fine (thanks boots!) but they sustained a big black smear. Any tips on getting this off? The boots are oiled leather, so it's not a super fine finish. Here are the boots, mine have black soles,...
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Wow that's not a very good deal. Go get firsts for $280... That's straight from AE. The shoes were $230 + all the other stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by heaven7 How much did you pay for them? I might be interested in this anomaly! Shoes, trees, shipping and tax was about $300.
Quote: Originally Posted by kentuckyboy what size are they? 7.5 D
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe Yeah that's odd. I have not seen that. I'm not too fond of the sole, but I suppose it would make 'em okay on shitty days. I do live in Seattle, so part of me wants to keep them since it rains 8 months a year, but I'm not really digging the rubber look, especially on the sides of the sole. :-/
I ordered some AE Strands in walnut calf as seconds and got them today. Surprised to discover that they came with rubber soles, as all the others I have seen had leather soles. I'm confused more than anything. I didn't even know they were available with rubber soles. How did this happen? I'm guessing they were custom ordered and then returned? I'm not digging them so much, so they're most likely going back, but I'm just surprised to have gotten them at all.
I don't love a longwing. I like the Strand because of the captoe as opposed to going with the wingtip.
I looking for some brown dress shoes to wear with jeans and a button down shirts. I work in advertising in Seattle, (informal industry, informal city), and jeans and a nice shirt/shoes is about the dressiest I can get without looking out of place. I'm like the AE Strand, but I'm a little worried it may be too dressy for jeans. I'd like a medium brown shoe with brougeing. Do you think the Strand is too dressy? Any other suggestions? Thanks!
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