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I'm just getting into nicer shoes and have been reading up a bunch. I have fairly narrow feet, I'm an 8B fit on AE's last #5. Previously to knowing about narrow shoes, I would wear 7.5 and float around in them a bit, but I'm quite delighted to discover how much better narrow shoes fit my feet. Anyways, it appears that not a ton of manufactures make shoes in 8B, but I see a lot of shoes as 8 B/D. What does this mean? Thanks!
Looking for a shoe that's a bit dressier than a sneaker for weekends when I might be wearing jeans and an informal button down untucked or a sweater. Ideally rubber soled and ok to be in the rain. Lastly, has to come narrow, I'm an 8B. Suggestions? Thanks!
Question about Levi's fit... 29/30 is probably my true size, but in general, will a 29x32 fit the same as a 29x30 through the waist/hips/thighs? Or does the added length change the cut through the butt/thighs? Sometimes it's hard to find 29/30 but 29/32 seems more common. I have no problem getting them hemmed if it would help me find jeans easier.
Quote: Originally Posted by phaseshift yeah try the 514s and 511,s 514s are slim staights and the 511s are skinnies. Rigids are Levi's version of raw sanforized denim, which will run about 98 bucks at the levi's store depending on which one you choose. I've seen some go between 20-50 at macy's. If you can up your budget to say 160, you can get some APCs or Naked and Famous and possibly Nudies. Self Edge has nudies discount which will bring the total to...
Quote: what kind of levi's did you order? I tried 505s, and 517s. I'm open to other brands too if there are other/better ways to go.
I'm a total jean noooob. I need some new ones and was wondering if you people could suggest a low price decent jean for a skinny guy. Under $100, I usually wear 28-30w/30ish depending on brand. Previously I've been wearing Luckies or Gap jeans. I haven't minded the Luckies per se, but I've never really discerningly looked at my jean choices either. I ordered a few pairs of jeans from levis since I thought that would be a stand-by choice, but they all fit a bit weird in...
Thoughts on if I could bring these guys back and kicking? I think they would look good with jeans/ocbd. But I'd like to to look not quite so beat up. (heel scuff, etc)
Thanks for the care advice. I have trees, so I'll be good to go on that account. Any thoughts on topys yes or topys no?
Just got my first pair of good shoes (AE Strand in Walnut) and want to take care of them so they last as long as possible. What's the consensus about how I should care for them now and going forward? Any special breaking in advice? I have a kiwi polish kit that I used on my old shoes. Acceptable? Should I or shouldn't I get topys? Thanks. jd
Just an update to this... I called AE today and they apologized. Apparently the shoes were a custom order that were damaged during production, and the box wasn't marked appropriately such that they got sent to me as factory seconds rather than what they really are. While I was arranging a return the rep said she could just credit me the difference such that the shoes ended up being just over $100, which seemed reasonable to me. I'm going to keep them and get also pair...
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