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Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Double, Brooks Brothers does MTM within your budget. So the size and fit won't be an issue. Plus you will have a nice suit to wear at other events. How much are we talking here? Where can I get more info about Double? I can't find anything in google.
Is there a price/quality sweet spot in that neighborhood? I want to get as good value as I can. If it means adjusting budget to get a much better product, I'm willing to do it.
Quote: Originally Posted by ktrp +10. Also, burn the pants you are wearing in your photos. I find it quite amazing that pants exist that make a 120 lb guy like fat, but apparently, there they are. Clearly you're not familiar with Carhartts and why one would need to wear them. You should be glad you can't see the shoes I was wearing. Definitely not SF approved.
All three shots are the tux jacket. It fits great through the shoulders, but is way too big through the waist. Not sure how much magic a good tailor can do for less than buying another decent tux. I edited the third photo to get a better fit shot. Last photo to show how much extra is through the waist. Thanks!
Thanks for the quick reply. I'm more like a 34 in jacket. (just measured, tape pulled tight right under my arm pits, if tape is still supposed to be loose, maybe ~35). I'm afraid that finding something my size will be difficult, either off the rack or on B&S. I actually already have a tux, which is too big. It's was my grandfathers. I wouldn't be opposed to putting some time into getting it to fit right, if it's salvageable. It measures ~36 around the waist. I wear a...
Hey all, I'm getting married in about 4 months and need to start to figure out what I'm going to wear. I'm a short skinny guy, 5'8", 120lb. It's a Friday evening wedding. Wedding ~5:30, party etc until around 11 or 12. I'm thinking nice suit over tuxedo for repeat wearability and because it'll be in Seattle where things aren't as formal as they are everywhere else. Plus, we're not a super formal couple. I'm a half tshirt/jeans and half jcrew button...
I'm going to pick up some levis selvedge. Should I order to size or go up/down a size in waist and/or inseam.
Here's a 20% off coupon: FLPR9AUW8 It says it's good until the 13th. It's 11:05 here on the west coast. Not sure what time zone they're using.
Quote: Originally Posted by trigirdbers US being entitled? Its kids who are going to have to be slaving away from 9-9 to pay for YOUR social security, YOUR medicare, and the debt that YOUR generation ran up. Wow, you're certainly going to get some help!
Can you guys suggest some nice brow suede shoes with a rubber sole that I can wear casually with jean and a button down. Bonus points if is or comes narrow. Thanks.
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