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I'm a guy who owns one suit. I wear it whenever needed, probably 2-3 times a year. But the impetus for buying a new suit is that I'm getting married in July and will wear this for the big day. Curious what the consensus is for the best color. Initially I was thinking charcoal, but I feel like that's a little boring. Navy too. I'm thinking of getting this. Blue with a subtle herringbone. Thoughts? My style is pretty informal most of the time, so I'm willing to...
I'm looking to buy a BB 1818 fitz for my July wedding and then for general use after that. I have a crap suit I bought 10+ years ago and only wear suits on occassion. (weddings, funerals, etc) The fitzgerald comes in a few fabrics.. standard fabric in grey/black/navy/navy stripe/grey stripe and then they have the saxxon herringbone in blue, navy stripe, grey, etc. For a one suit kind of guy, how should I pick the color? And can anyone comment on the quality of the...
I work in advertising and a fair amount of my job revolves around coming up with ideas for clients/campaigns/etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by NukeMeSlowly [[SPOILER]] Damn, these are mighty fine. Where did these come from? No longer (or never?) in full production? I would like to add these to my collection.
(edit) apologies about the thread title.. I got a little ahead of myself. I'm doing my best to learn more about suiting, and I was hoping you guys could help educate me a little. I'm looking to purchase a suit both for my wedding and then for general use from then on out. I'm a one suit kind of guy. The occasional interview, wedding, etc. I work in advertising and wear jeans and/OCBD to work. I looked into Brooks Brothers 1818 Fitzgerald, (see here) and liked the fit,...
Brooks Brothers sales I know BB just finished a 25/15% off sale. How often do these come along? I'm looking into buying a suit in the next month or two. Any advice on getting good deals at BB?
Well, that was a 36 short, so I don't think there's much option for going smaller or shorter. Where should the bottom of the jacket fall ideally? Thanks.
Thoughts? Sorry for sub par photo quality and cluttered background. Thanks.
Can someone give me a review of the suede buck? Anyone know if they're narrow or wide for their size? Thinking of getting in grey or khaki.
I was hoping to find something in the $1200-$1500 range, but I'll stop by marios and chat with them about what I should be looking for... a lot of what I need at this point is education. Any other advice on how to get suit educated or where to look in Seattle would be appreciated.
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