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I wear an 8B in the Strand. I'm interested in exploring some of AE's more casual offerings (ie, cronmok, etc), but AE doesn't make most shoes in B widths under size 9. What would be the suggested size/width combo to go on these other models? 7.5D? 9B?
I hardly ever shop factory stuff and just prefer to get the real thing on sale, but curious about how JCrew's factory line stands up to the retail brand? Do the sizing/fits align? My wife has bought a few items from factory, and it seems like the styles are similar but the fabrics are a step lower. Is this about right? Are there any factory items that are pretty comparable to the retail line? I could image that button downs might be quite similar. Thanks!
I need a summer suit on short notice, in the Boulder area. I'm a smaller fellow. ~5' 7" or 8", 36short. so inventory in the smaller sizes is important. I'm normally based in Seattle so I don't know the best places to shop. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Can anyone suggest some online retails who have good selection of casual jackets in smaller sizes (36s). Thanks! John
I have AE Strand in Walnut, I was thinking that would be a fine choice.
I have two weddings this summer, one in late July, the other in late August. One is outside afternoon wedding in Colorado in the mountains, reception at a historic hotel in town. The other is in upstate NY, in a barn. I have a navy suit, but that's too formal. I could just sport slacks, dress shirt and tie, but I'd rather find something a bit more interesting. Any advice on what I should be looking into? Thanks!
I have two pairs on the 5 last, (Strand and McAllister, both brown) and am looking to pick up a pair of black Chester wingtips. I wear an 8B. Any advice on how these two lasts fit compared to one another?
Going to jump on some bean boots. Curious if I should go 8 or 10 inches? They'll be for around town snowy days (CO) as well as wet days in the PNW. Any thoughts?
Affirmative. I know it's a little late, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
I'm getting married in July, and am trying to figure out what the groomsmen should wear. I'm wearing a BB Fitzgerald in either grey or navy. My groomsmen don't wear suits normally and probably own a mix and match of formal wear. Any advice on how to organize this for the three of them? I don't want to make them buy a suit, but don't want them to look all rag-tag either. Thanks! John
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