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I'm wearing a navy linen suit + navy/green small check shirt to a wedding in Palm Springs. Curious if anyone has suggestions for what kind of tie I should consider? Or go without?
Thanks all for the advice. For reference, here's the JCrew Ludlow in gray to see fit. I have pics of navy but the darker color makes it hard to see the fit in the picture.
After an afternoon of shopping, I found two suits that could work. I seemed to be more drawn to the navy suits than the brown/tan/cream/gray ones. Only concern is that my more formal suit is also navy and I'm not sure I want to duplicate. Both fit great, though the Suit Supply one is a little better. This one from JCrew Or this one from suit supply Are Suit Supply and JCrew of similar quality? What are you thoughts SF?
Max ~$500.
I work in software. Anything goes (one coworker wears shorts and sandals every day), but I wear nice jeans or cords, OCBD or patterned button down, and leather shoes. My shirts are untucked a lot of the time.
I am in need of a summer suit for a March wedding in Palm Springs. I'm a slight fellow, 5'7", 120lbs. The wedding party is wearing white/tan seersucker. I don't often have need for a summer suit, so I am open to options that would serve the same purpose without the same expense. Also I am not against buying something mediorce like jcrew or likewise, that will just be a cheap-ish suit that will serve the purpose, but would obviously rather buy something that isn't total...
I got two pairs of the same clarks from Zappos, half a size apart. One feels a bit tight, the other a bit loose. Will these shrink or stretch as I break them in?
Yeah, I have a few pairs of allen edmonds. Looking for something more casual, with less of a heel.
I've been looking for a shoe like this for a while, but $275 is a bit steep. Low, leather, can wear in the rain, casual shoe for wearing with denim, slacks, or cords. I like these timberlands, but I'm not sure the price will match the quality/function. I know $300 isn't a ton in the world of shoes, but at that price I will need them to last both in quality and in...
Is this moth damage? Or something else? If so, I do I get rid of those nasty mother fuckers?
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