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The Suede Wing Tips have been sold.
Selling both these.. Suede is size 11.5d and the Natural Chukka is 11d Both worn about two-four times. I am changing my obsessions in life and getting rid of these. Realized after years i really don't need 40 pairs of shoes. All prices included shipping Both shoes are out of stock online with no date for...
Price includes shipping in the CONUS. These are slightly used, these simply do not get rotated enough. Please PM if Interested.
They are cigar shell cordovan (Brown) and made by Crockett & Jones. They are brand new in the box. They come in the Ralph Lauren box with Ralph Lauren shoe bags. These shoes are 11.5D . Price is $485 to the CONUS. Message me with any questions
Fair enough.
Thank you I tried a suede brush and the white eraser and nothing changed. The only thing that happened was the nap got looser. I even lightly wet the area and brushed again. I am using a normal suede brush not a metal bristle brush... I don't want todo any damage to the boots. I am confused as to what could have dripped to not come off, that is why I wonder if it came came from the factory like that.
Two things the mark was not put there by me. It was received that way. Second I have snuff plain toe boots there are 5 years old rotated heavy thru summer and fall with no marks on the at all.
I brushed them with no effect. What sort of drip, these were supposedly brand new... From need supply. The area almost seems bare like there is no hair there if that makes sense. I can see the brush making the nap looser which may cove the area over time but the shoes are super smooth.
Any thoughts
Recieved my 11.5 union hilly Indy boots and my heart sank... Is this normal for tan...
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