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These will fit wider than the barrie. These run a hair wider than the trubalance last Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Excel Captoe boots, with Minimal wear. These have seen very little rotation and have basically sat in the closet for a better part of a year. Looking to get out of shoes and more into watches.
New Satchel, given as a gift. I believe it is the bonobos one. Price includes shipping https://bonobos.com/products/billykirk-schoolboy-satchel?size=os&color=mahogany
New Rancourt Natural Cordovan Venetian loafer. Size 11D, only tried on. Price includes shipping and pp fees.
I have Vibergs brown cap toe xl that crease the same as OSB and just like Alden.Viberg I believe uses 5.5 oz xl which may or may not come from mexico, where Nicks uses 6oz + for xl.The only reason you would pay more for Viberg, is you like the profile better and the leather they use.There customer service is no better than OSB, Viberg doesn't even return emails half the time. Tony will respond to email.Also keep in mind that Guy from Viberg now uses the excuse the xl...
yea it seemed like it was 30% yesterday... you could always check the uk page and pay the shipping difference.
Mike i hear you on that, but the fact there is a color variance bothers me and the fact they are so dark... I was expecting something similar to the picture you posted from San Fran.If anyone is interested these should be back at the mart next week, on isle Alden.
Just a heads up the 11D cigars i got from the shoemart are going back.... not for any particular reason,there is some color variance but I also wanted to make sure 11D will work for me and it does. I will say they are beautiful and dark, when i pulled them out of the box i had to ask my daughter if they were black to which she said no daddy, just the darkest brown i have ever seen.
Question on fit, i can wear both a 12d which feels loose but is my branch size, after a day of wear i can easily put a thin insole in. On the 11.5d they fit but i can feel my toes touching the front of the boot, however i can wear dress sock and it feel a little better... how are your boots fitting when you first get them?
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