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Thats impossible. How would they even fit the last in that. I think if you rip up the heel pad, I have seen them put sizing under that, just FYI, they do that I believe for insole purposes. Just heat it up, lift it then put it back down. Other than that, the picture should speak for them selves.
I think a full re-sole is $80.00 and turn around is a few weeks.
LOL my dumb ass thought it was a Viberg sale....
Where ????????????????
What does DM mean
Thanks Vince, that is all we were asking for. We know things can get pretty hectic, and we appreciate you keeping us in the loop.
They do have half sizes, and size 12
What do you think of the construction... how do you think they compare to Alden or Vibergs, or Truman... I know they were a lot less..
lol what do Conistons weigh.. All I know is Alden and Viberg and I really like the weight of Vibergs... light always feels cheap to me. Definitely interested in their construction and materials used. They seem to get popular quick but not a lot of info on them
Also is there a place to read how these are constructed, what materials they use... not seeing a lot on the net.Thank you
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