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On the 29th they allowed the code to work, boots were $465.00
Kinda passed at Needsupply, bought the kumato indys 11.5 the minute the 25% off sale worked only to be told three days later it sold out. Thinking I should have went with expedite shipping.
Looking to sell OSB penny loafers in Brown Xcl 11.5D Viberg Notre Snuff Suede Service Boot 11.5 D Alden Ultimate Indy Brown Xcl 11E Ralph Lauren Sanderson WT 12D
Whiskey Saturday??? Thanks KW
Crust from Canada got it in a day. Wife said most beautiful pair you own, little does she know since I got the sizing nailed 3 more pairs are coming.
Does anyone find or wear Viberg tts. For a long time I would buy and eventually sell 11.5 bergs in 2030 as my feet would always hurt and feel tight. I wear 11.5 in Barrie and trubalance. Finally in a last attempt I grab a size 12 and what do you know, 13 hours feet feel great and I have a little more than a fingers width a front. Sucks for me with all the sale and most places in the U.K. Only stock till 10.5 or 11.
Why no 11.5 anywhere.... really sucks
Apologies[On another note, Alden Tan Indy
Was your pair splotchy, I order two pair and both seem splotchyOn another note, Alden Tan Indy
How is the coloring on yours, I ordered two pairs and both are slightly splotchy, granted I have to inspect with a fluoresce light and you can tell in direct sunlight... Think i am being too anal.http://imgur.com/NRJPys8 , http://imgur.com/3xTte3j , http://imgur.com/Tu9edvF , http://imgur.com/9Zd3ehH , http://imgur.com/fcRJ0fZ , http://imgur.com/0NXFiZj , http://imgur.com/SVXqGdP , http://imgur.com/bvyqhhTOn another note,Alden Tan Indyhttp://imgur.com/UoFbZYS
New Posts  All Forums: