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You a moderator... Or just saying hi ...
Definitely won't, but I let you know when I am about to test. Please make the other moderators aware as well.Thank you so much for your services.
I completely agree, I was just trying to bring attention to my sale item. I did know I couldnt post the amount , but u guys in the alden forum are really particular since no one Seems to care in the other forums. Honesty the threat doesn't mean much either... I will stay out of the Alden forum all together... Since you guys are a different type all together. Thank you
I agree...
Alden 975 for jcrew... Been sitting in the closet for a while and want them gone. I call it a fires ale because I am leaving on vacation Thursday and need the funds. Box and bag included
Best way to fix??
Have the over dyed, just press it.
Please forgive the newbie question.In the bottom picture, the shaft /uppers looks to have loose grain wrinkling or is that normal?
Selling a $250.00 gift card (sent immediately to buyer via email or IM) plus a 15% off code. Payment via paypal Asking $200.00
I have a $250.00 gift card code if anyone is interested for sale.
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