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Nope the 11.5 gets roomy side to side so the lacing has to be super tight to keep my foot from going forward in the boot. I have never had an 11 long enough for an actual break in to see what happens. That might just be me being scared of a $600 mistake . For some reason on the 12 my boot doesn't get as roomy I think that is because I wear a super thick sock and even then the leather doesn't have to stretch as much.Let me know how you make out when you try them on!
Pinch may be a bad term but this is my foot in 11 with medium socks
I am a 12 brannock and 11.5D in the Indy boot. In Viberg I currently have (2) size 12 boots, Natural Captoe and Boon Docker from Mr Porter. These have to been worn with really thick wool socks and may not make sense to wear in the summer. I also have (2) pair of Viberg in Natural Crust Captoe and Vintage Moch in 11.5, these have to be worn with medium wool socks and thin socks if I tie them really tight or wear a thin leather insole. I recently re-purchased both Mr Porter...
Worn twice around the house. I realized I should have gotten an 11. Will come with Box and laces, these are brand new. Also I have $150.00 in gift cards I will throw in on top of the boots, that can go towards your next purchase.
I was going to buy that model too from 3sixteen in 11.5 but someone got them before me!
Don't know how it is possible, I don't pull on the tongue, I do have to crush the heel counter so to speak to get my foot in . I have both of Vince's numbers...
4 wears on the pebble and the tounge rips WTF. No response from Charles or Vince via email or text
Got the 3sixteen mocha and God they are great
Go with the 6.5 also check shoplostandfoundThey do the makeup and they are $615 usd
Price includes shipping and payment made via PayPal
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