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I find the Trumans to be one of the most comfortable boots I own, right out of the box. Quality is defiantly better than Alden and Viberg. I can't begin to tell you how many loose grain creasing boots I have gotten from Viberg... ( 3 Total) . See right now they are small so the quality is def there and I hope it continues. Vince is a great guy and super cool to talk with!I wear 11.5D/11E in Trubalance, and Barrie11.5 2030, 204512 D Truman11 UK Trickers11D IR 8119
So i am very confused. I wear Alden Barrie 11.5/11D and the Trubalance 11.5D/11E and I can even wear an 11D.. However in the trickers I purchased an 11UK. Why I am confused is my toe is exactly a thumb width from the front and the ball lines up perfectly however, there is less than an inch of separation when I tie the shoes. I purchased the Stow Boots from Kafka UK I am not sure of the last Style is 5634 11 fitting 5.
Here is an 11.5 boondocker on the 2045 last.Look on Grailed.
Thank you!
Needing sizing help I know Truman are TTS but would like confirmation. I am a solid 12D on a Brannock between d/e width, ball is 12 and instep is 11.5/ 11 3/4. 11D on Trubalance, 11.5 Barrie, 11D in iron rangers and 875, 11.5 2030( felt a little roomy) 12D OSB Trench boots fit ok, not a huge fan of the fit. I wear cotton Timberland socks most of the year, I am wanting year round boots. I wear HS in the warmer months but still like the option of boots.
Selling RED Wing plus many others. 8119 $ 250.00 11D 8113 $250.00 11D Alden Sloat Plaint Toe $400.00 11D Alden Jcrew Indy 11D $350.00 Alden Kudu Indy 11.5D $350.00 875 11D $200.00 4575 11D $200.00 1907 11D $200.00 OSB Natural boat shoe 12D $125.00 Red Wing Jcrew 4592 11.5E $275.00 OSB rough out chukka 12D $325.00 Red Wing BB 4553 11D $300.00 8146 11D $220.00 Epaulet Hand sewn 12D $100.00 Rancourt BB Gentleman MOC 11.5D $110.00 All can be found on grailed
These will fit wider than the barrie. These run a hair wider than the trubalance last Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Excel Captoe boots, with Minimal wear. These have seen very little rotation and have basically sat in the closet for a better part of a year. Looking to get out of shoes and more into watches.
New Satchel, given as a gift. I believe it is the bonobos one. Price includes shipping https://bonobos.com/products/billykirk-schoolboy-satchel?size=os&color=mahogany
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