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What last are the jcrew...
If anyone is interest I have all three of the gingham shirts in size 42. I would like to sell them they are brand new recieved today. Got a gift card and would prefer to use the funds elsewhere.
Can any one give size measurement compared to Barrie or trubalance last
Hit up gitman there CS is awesome
Just checking on price, I have a size 11.5 and 12d in the j crew cordovan captoe boot. Looking to sell for $560.00 each. Brand new never worn, just seeing if that is a good price. I figured I would ask you guys.
Damn it, one of my shirts was out of stock, but was instock 3 days ago... I called an confirmed.Large Liberty Paisley.... really pisses me OFF.
Bump with final price of 280 shipped
Bumpppppp $40.00 shipped
I bought 6 gitman shirts.... Thank you.cant beat the price.
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