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First post so go easy. I work in a business casual environment. So facts 6'1" , 220lb Gitman vintage shirt (L) Jcrew urban slim. 34 Rancourt belt Red wing chukkas 12
Lol I just returned a pair of those in 11.5d
Hi I need some sizing advice. I normally wear 11.5d or 11e in barrie and trubalance. I went to bb to try on tassel in size 12 d... The ball area was a little snug but the heel felt loose and I had forward and back movement . I tried them on with a pair of dress socks. Not sure what size to try next, these are in the Aberdeen last.
For $ 175.00 more for firsts you may get another pair with or with out that... so it depends if that is worth it to you.
11.5D is back Up... who is getting them http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/sale/products/alden-for-epaulet-brixton-boot-madison-oxblood
Email Them
11.5D Brixtons, will be back on the website soon. I placed the order then the color had me concerned. Mike was nice enough to cancel the order for me.
If anyone is interested in the shoes I posted they are shipping out tomorrow and should be back to the shoe mart in a couple days if you guys want to call them...11.5 d for natural and Nst. 11e for the indy.
Thru in a peal co, new from bb sale
None of the three excite me and the color of the nat and indy seem to close the the kudu. The profile of the natty really makes me want a plain toe boot. So back to the shoe mart they go...
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