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agh missed a bunch of stuff i wanted -- silly co-worker having problems right when the sale is going on.
made the decision for you I figure why not try some loud summer pants.
looks cool! Maybe someday try those out in a higher rise version (walt or... higher!).BTW, I am loving the loopwheeled tees. Fit and feel is great. I got faded black, grape and green. Gotta say the faded black is my favorite so far. It looks like the color of my favorite bad religion shirt in high school that endured endless washes. I wore the faded black with a pair of tan driggs and some old black chucks for a real high school throwback feel for me.
had a business meeting that I wore a sport coat to, but my kamigata was in the car, and felt like being more casual for lunch and after. decided to try the combination of tie and kamigata. and bird watching, apparently. Also pictured are walt linen pants and carmina loafers.
done this with a collared shirt a few times this week but no pics. i'll do some soon. other than the doyle, been wearing the shit out of the kamigata (or however it's called, having trouble with that name). Great jacket.
very cool.
Two very different things here. white jeans grey jeans, carmina boots, navy bartlett moto jacket.
White denim and Carmina WWII boots.
Thanks. Becoming one of my favorite pairs of shoes (at least until summer hits). I was initially not super into the idea of scotch grain, but turns out I love the texture and tone these boots have. They are tough looking and tough wearing but still classy looking.
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