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Haha thanks. Yeah was on a road trip with the girlfriend. Some camping and some air bnb and some motels. Not an exciting outfit, just what I was wearing, and figured I'd craft a story to go with it. I have the Isar backpack in black melange. It looks professional and is an interesting design. Protects your laptop. And the duffle part can even be used as an overnighter.
[Persol sunglasses, Alternative Apparel t-shirt, RRL chinos, Red Wing Irish Setter boots, Ruger SP101] Out in the elements, they say cotton kills. But so does a .357. And it's a lot more certain. It's been three days since whatever happened happened. I wasn't ready for this. I'm no prepper. I didn't have a BOB or a BOL. I wasn't thinking about TEOTWAWKI. But as soon as the sirens started, and even more so when they stopped, I knew something big was happening. The...
This is a picture of the blue brain -- It's definitely a dark navy.
I have some shots of the showroom I can share, but unfortunately Julius never responded to our request to come back and spend a little time shooting some of the collection on their model. I really wanted to shoot it, but oh well.
I don't have a more detailed shot, but here's a crop in on that one that I think will help people see the fabric better. Click for better resolution.
Cool, makes sense to me.
Thanks. Agree with all of this. Great street photography would require me to get in the zone and also get in people's faces. I don't have the energy for that sort of thing right now, especially not in a foreign city and double especially not while wheeling my Canon gear and lights all over the cobblestones as I was most of last week. Still, I'm happy with some of the shots. I have the x100T (had the S but it was stolen and so replaced) so the AF is better and the...
Interesting. Also it was all the mens stuff last week and now women's stuff is happening now, so I would guess that there are likely some foreigners in the mix. I honestly don't know what is definitively Parisian in terms of style.
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