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Two very different things here. white jeans grey jeans, carmina boots, navy bartlett moto jacket.
White denim and Carmina WWII boots.
Thanks. Becoming one of my favorite pairs of shoes (at least until summer hits). I was initially not super into the idea of scotch grain, but turns out I love the texture and tone these boots have. They are tough looking and tough wearing but still classy looking.
hah! I can recommend each and every one.
same as it ever was outfit: blue doyle, grey wilshire, carmina scotch grain ww2 boots. black couch! cocktail.
Dark brown scotch grain boots. I thought it worked fine though it's not a lot of contrast. I like the brown boots with grey jeans quite well actually, and I didn't feel like the black knit threw that off. But I'll keep it in mind.
Yup grey Wilshires. Thanks, glad you think the look works. I'm always wary of jeans and tie, but I felt like this was ok. It's sort of the classic blazer and grey trouser look made 5x casual. Though it might be better with grey chinos or something. I've been wearing the crap out of the grey jeans a white shirt (t-shirt, oxford untucked or not, etc) and the Doyle recently.
not a great picture, but an attempt at the doyle and grey jeans with a black knit tie.
!!! That is so awesome. Poor Lem.
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