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I bought this suit last year from Brooks and it's still in the original bag in my closet on it's Hanger Project hanger. I haven't removed the tags or even tried the suit on. I have a lot of suits (my wife says too many) and my job now really doesn't require me to dress as well as I used to. I've also lost some weight and I'm probably a 42 now. I have some other BB Regents and I had to have the waist taken in so much that the back two belt loops almost meet in the middle.
I've been using an Aeron at work for about 10 years now and I love it, so much so that I bought one for my office at home. That being said, about a year ago, I started a job that required me to wear suits to work, as opposed to khakis and jeans. In preparation, I bought some new BB 1818s, as well as a pre-owned Zegna and a Brioni on the 'Bay. I wear each suit once per week on average. After one year, the seat of each pair of trousers is shiny like I've never seen in 25...
After my OP I noticed that I got rid of the wing collar at some point and replaced it with a turn down collar. I prefer the wing but I'm ok with either.
For me, it's when my shirt cuffs are either too long or too short. I get really stressed when that half inch of shirt doesn't show.
She is basing her opinion on black tie functions that she attended in the past. I don't know how serious the dress code was for any of them because I wasn't there. The one we're going to is a charity function and we live in New York City, so I'm guessing that it'll be fairly formal.What I find annoying is that she actually thinks that a straight tie, regular white shirt, and business shoes are appropriate for BT and that the traditional accessories look bad and are not...
Thanks for all of the advice. The reason for my OP was for advice on how to explain correct formal attire to a girlfriend who doesn't agree. I don't need any confirmation on what the right attire is.
Aren't most forums?
Has AE quality gone down in noticeable ways? After about a 10 year hiatus I've started buying AEs again. I have some AEs that are over 10 years old and it looks like the new ones are in worse shape than the old ones. I bought another pair yesterday, and the sales guy mentioned that the pair I was wearing were shot. They are AE but I don't remember the model. They're not on the web site any more. I told him that they looked that way a few weeks after I got them. He...
Now that's some damned good advice.
I'm considering a Black Fleece BB4 that's currently on Ebay. I'm familiar with 1818 and GF cuts. Would the BB4 be closest to a 44R GF Madison, or something else?
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