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Could you post some measurements for the jackets. Shoulders (seam to seam), Sleeve length, Chest (pit to pit), and length of jacket. thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 no longer an athlete but Jesse Palmer is killing it on ESPN. Agreed, but he needs to help out the rest of the ESPN football commentators who appear to be locked in a heated battle for the most oversized windsor knot
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'd rather not get into this discussion too deep but your comments are essentially wrong. PE shops achieve higher returns in many ways (leverage, operational improvements, etc...), not by paying less than public investors - if that was the case, then there wouldn't be any take-private LBOs at premium to trading price, right? Like the J Crew one discussed here...? I realize this is going further off topic...
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Not at all what I said. And I also disagree. If you require a lower return you're essentially paying a higher multiple... most people will pay higher multiples if the story is good... people pay more for the same nominal return, it costs the firm less (see, you don't even need a useless model like CAPM to figure these things out) You don't think PE firms are better at finding value than a mutual fund or...
Quote: That said, on a more fundamental basis, public investors require lower returns than private equity ones. So on a pure CAPM basis, the cost of equity of a public company is lower than that of a PE owned one. Or put another way: it's easier to sell the public (or their agents) over-priced garbage. PE guys a bit more discerning.
Quote: I agree with the first point but not the second. I am only 5'6" but boss is usually the best fit OTR (compared to any zegna, canali, samuelsohn ect.) and the reason for this is shoulder slope. Boss has the least shoulder slope of any make OTR and they fit my square shoulders the best. I would never pay more than 50% though. I think you're right. I have a hard time finding suits that fit me well in the shoulders, but most HB fits perfectly. ...
Some measurements would be great. -jon
Fast shipping, item as described. thanks, jon
PM sent on #21
thanks for the suggestions, I'll take a look. Quote: My problem is a weird shoulder slope and monkey arms I have a similar issue I think. Like most people my shoulders roll foward so if I don't keep good posture i get some pull between the shoulders. If I go up a size then the neck and mid section is too loose. I wear a 15.5" / 35" shirt with a 33-34" waist so I also have to get shirts taken in a ton. Quote: Advice: Don't do...
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