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Best thing you can do is spend some time and try on different brands until you see what fits and you feel comfortable with. Don't let the sales-person jam something down your throat. Once you have an idea of what you like check out discount/factory/outlet stores. If you like hugo boss see if there is a factory store by you, usually you can find stuff there for %50 off retail. At retail Boss tends to be overpriced relative to the quality, but if you like the fit (which...
So I picked up this charcoal, loro piana wool coat from off-saks today; was marked down from 800 to 200. The pics aren't the best, the actual color is somewhere between the two. Figured I would get some opinions before I take the tags off.
Some good, some bad. Maybe it's the way you're standing but there appears to be some assymetry in jacket and sleeve length. You're also getting a little pull across the upper back. Pants are a bit too long. Collar, shoulders, and waist look pretty good. With youre build I think a slightly longer jacket may be better, but that's personal preference. Overall I think the suit fit is better than 95% of the people I see out there.
I think the light grey DB posted above is as close to a perfect fit as you're going to find.
Good points everyone. It seems charcoal is the consensus for most versatile and safe as a first coat, and camel would be a good second. With some of the deals out there I think I can probably swing both. I'll wait until early spring to pick up a raincoat since the cold is more a concern at this time than the rain. Any particular brands you guys like, trust, find value in etc?
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist That kind of depends on the raincoat, and what kind of liner it has, and just how cold it gets where you are. How wet for that matter. Think about the main type of weather you need to cope with. Where I live, it does not get too terribly cold (maybe low 40's high 30's at the worst, and not too much of that) but it rains. The sad fact is, no single coat is going to cover all the bases. The thing about raincoats is,...
Quote: Originally Posted by MonsieurDA Don't ever come talk fashion on any of my threads again you turd. No matter how silly or 6teen they seem to you. You can't even pick out a color to fit in your wardrobe, therefore, to you, poor wanker, yes... I am a fuckin' fashion god. Ahh, I love the internet...
Quote: Originally Posted by Archivist Question, do you have an all-weather/raincoat? If not, I would advise that be your first coat purchase, followed by an overcoat. Good point, I've seen some great deals out there so maybe I'll grab both. Might be a silly question but what if its cold and rainy/snowy, won't a raincoat be too thin? I suppose an all-weather coat will cover all bases? Thanks for the help everyone, will either go charcoal...
I'm looking to pick up my first overcoat and since I can only pick up one quality piece at this time was wondering what is the most versatile color and style for my SB 2-button blue and grey suits. After searching a bit I see that charcoal color is recomended, although I've seen some nice camel colored and was wondering what suit and shoe colors I should avoid if I go with that. thanks, jon
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