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Maybe OP should have waited to have the issue resolved before starting the thread but all Nick had to do was say something like: "OP, I doubt those problems were a result of our work, but since we value your business we'll make it right regardless. Bring the shoes in and we'll do whatever we can for no additional charge." Problem solved. OP happy. SF happy. The company takes a small hit in time/expense but comes off looking very professional. Instead you got into...
I've been searching B&S to no avail. Why buy new and pay retail?
A list of fabric patterns (gingham, herringbone etc.) - with descriptions or pictures - may be helpful.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Isaia? I'm sure someone mentioned it earlier but italian is phonetic. Know some of the basics and you can pronounce most things. From what I can remember: i makes an ee sound, as in "me" a makes an ah sound e makes an eh sound (not always) o makes an oh sound, as in "go" (not always) u makes an oo sound, as in "zoom" gi is like a j; ci is like a 'chee'; ch is like a k; gn is like a...
Although its a little big I think a 36 would be too small. Length is borderline but ok, sleeves can come up a bit depending on the amount of cuff you want to show. I think this falls into the "good enough" category if you need it right away. When I looked at the measurements for the wizard of aahs suits a while back they all seemed to fit very big, especially shoulder-to-shoulder.
pm sent
Quote: Originally Posted by NorCal ...And fuck the police, bunch of fucking nancies up in here... +1 btw if she was "drunkenly passed out in the bathroom" how would she know what happened and why would anyone, police included, believe her?
For hemming pants and taking in shirts I use the local laundromat - cheaper and more convenient. Everything else goes to the tailor. To take out the waist he charges $25.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett Thats true. But it does not mean we should not all do our part. I do not order more than I eat and I would ask for a smaller portion even if it means I have to pay the same. Agreed to an extent. I think the problem comes in when one member or group in society starts dictating what "our part" is. If you want to conserve, donate etc. then go for it, but don't force your morality / agenda on everyone...
Quote: Originally Posted by CaymanS I'm a huge fan of capitalism, but, inherent in capitalism is an epic amount of waste... Sad, sad shit. In what economic system isn't there waste? It's just human nature, especially when things become less scarce. I'll take abundance and waste over pre-industrial mass privation though. Compare food expenditures as a % of disposable income in the developed world vs. that of the developing. There's a...
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