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Quote: Originally Posted by BernieStevens Celebrating "personally" is a right. To use or exploit it to "gain" IMHO is classless and is simply humanly off. Yup, he's clearly making a fortune off this sale. How exactly is selling stuff for less a gain? BUMP, for a good idea.
If they touch your shoes when standing straight they aren't too short. It's natural for some sock to show when moving/sitting.
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How about just a generic Friday Challenge? No theme, just who did it best.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Yes. Well, they have to provide a tracking number with signature requirement. What's inside is a whole different story. You sure? It was two months ago and I never got anything back. I just wrote it off and don't sell on ebay any more. I wish someone like google, who has such a big base of users, would set up an auction site to compete. Maybe partner with a third party to handle the operations side....
Like others have said, no matter what the seller will get screwed. I recently had an issue where a buyer filed a claim on somthing I sold claiming 'not as described'. During the auction I gave pictures, exact measurements, a link to the retail site, and explicit instructions on sizing. Buyer gets item and says its too small. Of course its BS cause he's 2-3 sizes smaller than what it should fit. He wants a return, me being obstinate and self-righteous say no. He...
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A brown derby or something in burgundy.
Very good for OTR. Length is fine IMO.
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