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Is this still available?
This bag has been sold.
Yes, this bag is still available.
If anyone's interested in a used tan 257, I just listed mine in B&S.
I'm selling a used tan Filson 257. The bag has denim marks on the side and the leather strap shows wear. $160 shipped anywhere in the US. Buyer pays shipping elseware.
Unionmade has a new sister-store in Noe Valley called Mill Mercantile that is exclusively for womenswear.
I've been trying to get a refund for 3 weeks and a few of my emails have been ignored. Mauro, can you refund #1071 so I can stop trying to chase this down?
PM'd for Brown Park Avenues in 8.5D.
How are they? Did you end up going TTS?
Measurements on the W+H chinos?
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