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Great first buy, will receive first shipment of three 18.5" regular finish tomorrow. Very impressed with web site and chat service during buying process, first class!!
Wow! So much going on in the seperate operations of tailoring, no wonder a fine suit costs so much!
My first pair of Cordovan shoes were Florsheim Wing Tips in 1965, difficult break in period but a wonderful wear for many years!
Quote: Originally Posted by marc237 Peter Elliot used a brand called Sanfort, an Italian maker, that produces slim fit shirts. On sale, they are quite the steal. These shirts are excellent for my build I bought 10 at $10 each 1/2 point collar and 1/2 button down all white 46 chest 38 waist 17 neck 33 sleve they come with a band at bottom to assist in keeping shirt tucked in
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