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What does baller mean? (in reference to the baller sneaker thread) Are cheap high top sneakers worth buying? I got a $50 dollar nordstrom card as a gift, need to spend.
Prithee, forgive me, I was mayhap a bit hasty
Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y haha. please tell me you are trolling bro. listen dude your shit is going to get wrecked at college. it just happens. cue synthese's post about college clothes. don't waste money on baller sneakers that you will probably hate 6 months down the road (because clearly you have no aesthetic direction yet). kop some cheap canvas kicks (cons or vans), browse the waywt thread here to try and find what you like/don't...
Do you post on food forums to find out which foods are forum approved?
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol Congrats, you can wear anything. Awesome, thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by handsometigers Definitely need a great jacket. Hard to give you recommendations without you stating what style you like. Need a hobby? Skateboard! I'm skinny and 5'11".
I live in NYC, don't drink or do drugs, and need a hobby. The people of NYC I think are a bit more fashion forward than I am and I think the students are too. So those boots are on the list, already have the tees and I have some uniqlo jeans that I think are good. But I hunger for more clothing
Underwear is now on the list, but I've got money to burn so what else?
Hi, What are the most versatile pieces of clothing that a college student can get? Listing brands is bonus points. I don't care about being original or anything, just looking cool. Thanks
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