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any idea if there will be an endclothing discount/sale soon?
@AirRayAllen20 Were the measurements for your N&F Skinny Guy Duck true to the Blueowl measurements? What size did you get?
are the Red wing Work Oxford shoes very chunky? My jeans have a 6.5 leg opening and i'm concerned it might end up looking like clown shoes... the shoes in question ->
curious - has anyone re-soled a pair of Clarks Wallabee's with the end results lookin legit? not a fan of the high gum soles, looking for something in black and a thinner for the sole.. or rather, is it even possible to resole...
any kind soul willing to proxy a pair of Clarks Jink Sand Suede? they don't have them where i'm from... and hanon-shop doesn't have the size i need... please help!
jonesing for the khaki desert khan's bad! if you folks spot one please let me know =(
anybody know where i can get these Clarks Desert Khan 2 (khaki) online? my local clarks outlet hasn't even heard of it . . . thanks in advance
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