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Paraboot is a good choice if you ask me. They are classic and good quality which will last for years. I have several pairs myself.
Quote: I live in Sweden so I would have to buy them over the internet; I thought that I could go to my local shoemaker and have my feet measured and contact their online store and have them recommend me a proper size. What do you think? I seem to remember that they sell Allen Edmonds at NK? (I might be mistaken...)
I've ordered from Yoox twice and IME they're fast and reliable. The prices are a bit high at times though.
When we talk about Haute couture, remember that only a small handfull of the Parisian houses actually make a profit off of it. The real money lies in perfumes, sunglasses, ready-to-wear... The couture shows are mainly marketing, needed to keep their official, prestigious status as a Parisian House. (The syndicate has strict rules.)
Quote: Williams has also a quite chunky toe, unlike some Italian numbers which can be quite p***elegant. But I suppose that's a matter of taste. Did you notice that they have quite a few models out there? They've been around for some decades and can provide anything from dressy to rain forest, I suppose. I certainly never bought anything chunky from them.
I used to have a great pair of RM Williams, had them for 8 years I think. They were getting worn so I threw them away when I was moving to another country... Just treat them with care and they will look good and last for a long time.
I live in Milan, in the far north of Italy (it's very close to Switzerland). Florence/Venice are also in the north. Be aware of the fact that it can get cold during the winter, even bitterly cold. Don't forget to bring some warm sweaters. I had a visitor from Sweden during the winter; I practically had to force him to bring a winter jacket. He just wouldn't believe how cold it can be. Needless to say, he was grateful I talked him into it. I'd say Venice is a great place...
There's no problem wearing suede shoes in snow, as long as it's cold. Slushy snow is a bad idea if that's what you meant.
People are clueless, they don't realise it should be removed.
I suppose the reason for using after shave is that the alcohol is an astringent as well as an antibacterial? If you need that, it's better to try other products though. Anyway, I don't think I've ever met anyone who did use after shave after shaving. Most use moisturizer if they use anything IME.
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