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I just received my order and I love the Merino wool winter weight socks. I ordered them in purple and I'm very happy with the quality! I also ordered some cotton socks in winter weight and I'm wearing the gray today. They are fantastic. I would recommend ordering from these folks. Socks fit true to size as well (and I'm a size 13USD)
Looking for 12.5UK
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy I think it'd be awesome if you were in midnight blue and the groomsmen were in black.
If you're patient you can find most models on sale at some point (often on ebay) or in the B&S thread. The problem is when you specifically want a colour like walnut......makes it harder to find. Nice shoes BTW. I have the Strands in Walnut and I love the colour and they're pretty good quality for the price IMO.
Briefcase Porn Thread will give you some great ideas!
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Rider boot company Wingtip Boot, or Alden Plaza Wingtip Boot Those are gorgeous.......I would highly recommend them!
Quote: Originally Posted by Orgetorix Alfred Sargent. I have 'em, they're some of my favorite shoes, and it is indeed a good deal. Great to hear- I was 80% sure they were by Alfred Sargent but I'm glad to get confirmation. Also glad to hear they're a great pair of shoes!
Some reasonable deals on right now. I decided to take a pair of suede Peal & Co oxfords: I'm not sure who makes these but for $248 its a great deal I thought.
Its also worth noting that their suits are seemingly NEVER at full price. They have sales back to back quite a bit.
I just tried ordering some Alden cordovan boots in colour 8 off shoemart and they don't ship internationally?? I played around with the site and it would let me order any other shoes but Aldens. I tried calling 1-800 number and it tells me I can't connect. (I'm in Canada BTW). Anyone know what's up with this.............or where I can order some Alden boots from?? **edit- never mind, Tony the Tailor is my new best friend! Great selection and international shipping.
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